Quickbase Honored with Four Comparably Awards for Culture, Work-Life Balance

Written By: Matt Lieberson
October 15, 2020
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The rapid and constant adjustment to the challenges of a remote workforce has been a major issue for organizations across industries in 2020. And while this adjustment has necessitated a new focus on improving business processes, this has also included the need to maintain a satisfied, happy workforce. That is why we are so excited to be honored with four Comparably Awards in their quarterly awards focused on top workplace cultures in the US. Comparably awarded Quickbase in four categories, including:

But our culture at Quickbase doesn’t just come from the top – it is driven by employees across the entire business making an impact and making Quickbase such a special place to work. So, who better to share what makes Quickbase special, and how our culture has stayed so solid through the constant change of 2020, than our employees?

We talked to people across Quickbase to learn how they have adapted and kept our culture strong while working remote.

Commitment to our mission and our customers

To keep employees connected during the adjustment into working from home, one of the major things the Quickbase team cited has been staying true to our mission.

“There is a drive to truly provide a great product and customer experience,” said senior product owner Katherine Cattini. “This creates a positive culture for customers, but also for employees at Quickbase.” Our customer-first mindset, coupled with being driven by the product’s mission, is what keeps our team so inspired and excited to work every day.

“We are only as successful as our customers, including our internal customers – that means our coworkers,” sales training manager Jamie Parks pointed out. “We work hard to show up for our team.”

Personal growth coupled with organizational growth

“People are excited about the product and the future of the company, so it’s very motivating coming to work with a team like that,” said account executive Tori Luccio. The commitment to growth, though, is driven just as much by the potential for personal growth along with watching Quickbase continue to succeed.

With a big focus on being able to grow along with the company, and the opportunity for employees to dive deep into areas where they want to make an impact, Quickbase’s growth means growth on an individual level too.

“There is so much opportunity to learn and develop our skills as employees, and there is a lot of flexibility on how you are enabled to use those skills throughout the business,” said accounting manager Diana Ciccolini. “This keeps employees engaged and excited about the work we are doing.” 

Focusing on the whole person

The entire team pointed out a key learning from 2020 – while working remotely, maintaining a separation between work and the rest of life is critical to adjusting and setting healthy routines.

Jamie Parks put it well: “In order to bring your best self to work, you have to work on being your best self-outside of work.” That drives our focus on ensuring success and wellness for our people outside of work as well as in it, with such initiatives as “Free Form Fridays” throughout the summer to allow employees to focus on activities like self-care, family needs, professional development, and team bonding.

“We’re all encouraged to bring our whole selves to work,” said demand generation manager Matt Gibbons. “As a working parent, Quickbase has been extremely accommodating of balancing personal and professional responsibilities. Since COVID, I’ve been balancing working and childcare, which has been a challenge. But my managers (many of whom are dealing with the same thing) have always led with empathy and worked with me on finding solutions.”

Being flexible when solving these kinds of new challenges for employees is critical for both enabling the best work from across the organization, but also gaining trust and respect from employees.

“Work-life balance is so important to me because in these challenging times it is essential to make time for connecting with others as well as work since we are home all the time,” said software engineer Justine Lo. “Quickbase’s culture ensures we have a good sense of work-life balance by reminding everyone the importance of personal time and mental health.”

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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