Quick Base Gets New Look, Keeps Its Power

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Jan 18, 2018
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Quick Base is Getting a New Look

Quick Base is Getting a New Look


Did you know Quick Base is getting a new look? Starting Sunday, January 21st, the Quick Base product will sport a clean, modern interface which is easier to read and use. This is part of our commitment to invest in our vision for a modern, state-of-the-art product experience that helps business professionals be more productive. The interface also reflects the simplicity and empowerment at the heart of the new Quick Base brand and matches its colors.

Our updated styling features new icons and font, and a simplified global bar. It improves readability while preserving the amount of data presented on your pages and the workflows that power your business.  Users can more easily scan for the most pertinent information on reports and forms.

In designing the new look, codenamed “Purple Rain,” we strived to enable builders to create a more useful and appealing experience for their end users, customers and stakeholders. Builders who’ve built an app in this new look have told us they feel more proud of their app and more excited to share it with their customers.

Since a smooth transition to the new user experience is important to our customers, we’ve made it a priority to not change any features or functionality. All your links and buttons are available in the same places. And your custom branding, button colors, chart colors, and table row colors shouldn’t be affected in the least.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new look, and we’ve included some screenshots to share with your teams ahead of the changes!

Check out what other enhancements are coming in the January 2018 Release Notes.

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Quick Base Chart


Quick Base Report Settings


Quick Base Add Task


Quick Base Tasks Home


Quick Base Dashboard

Quick Base Interface

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