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Quickbase Designated as “TRUE Certified” for 2021 by TrustRadius

Written By: Matt Lieberson
January 21, 2021
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One of the things we take most seriously at Quickbase is our customer experience. Citizen development cannot be impactful without smart, talented business technologists across organizations to innovate and solve the problems they are closest to at their organizations. And by deeply understanding the experiences of our users, we can improve and better serve them and the market as a whole.

That is why we are very excited to be TRUE Certified by TrustRadius for 2021, which recognizes vendors who are “Transparent, Responsive, Unbiased, and Ethical in sourcing and using customer reviews.” In providing equal opportunity for all users to safely share honest feedback, Quickbase is positioned to best improve and optimize our product and platform.

Here are just some of the recent reviews we’ve received on TrustRadius:

Streamlining and automating manual tasks

“Quickbase is well suited in the automation of daily tasks. It can streamline pipelines and increase productivity by making much of the busy work of development and coding simpler, easier, and trackable. Quickbase is also suited for breaking down barriers and silos, and helping work across teams function smoothly and simply.”

  • Jared Hansen, Research Assistant at Brigham Young University 

Empowering individuals, regardless of technical skills

“Quickbase is designed to make building, deploying, and maintaining custom business applications faster and easier. My organization has definitely achieved this benefit by building, using, and managing applications quickly and easily. I was able to build and manage apps even though I don’t have a lot of coding knowledge. Anyone can be trained to build apps through Quick Base.”

  • Amanda Sathiaraj, Manufacturing Process Engineer at Power Plant Services

Building creative solutions at the speed of business

“I cannot say enough how awesome it is to be able to build what you want, when you want it and come up with creative solutions on how to do things. You are not inclined to use a generic box product that you have to take your business processes and make them work. Here, you can take your business process and have Quickbase work for you to streamline and improve on it.”

Uniting data sources from across your organization

“We custom built our entire application – it allowed us to create an environment that allows everyone in our organization to provide inputs on the data we will provide to our stakeholders and outputs to our customers. Quickbase is extremely agile, and can be developed and released into implementation very quickly!”

Continually optimizing processes

“Within my work stream I was able to model a workflow and develop a Quickbase application to replace a very manual execution process. The overall process was optimized and provided improved, accurate reporting metrics. As the program expanded, extensions to the app were made to manage & report on new tasks added to the workflow.”

  • Abigail Field, Information Technology Services Consultant at a Larger Canadian Retailer 

Becoming TRUE Certified gives us the opportunity to hear from our customers like these about the impact they can make, and the challenges they face at their businesses. Our focus will always remain on our customers and their challenges, and this certification reinforces that focus.

Matt Lieberson headshot
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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