Quick and Dirty Kiosk App Using QuickBase

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Nov 21, 2008
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So after my foray into quick and dirty dashboarding, I quickly discovered that even having the largest screen and using the act=API_GenResults table to squeeze down the wasted real estate, that some reports and charts really need to be shown large.   And also, having the screen update every 30 seconds with exactly the same data was kind of boring.

A project status kiosk in the middle of our development team area

I googled around to find a little bit of javascript that might help and I found some stuff that was close, but no cigar.

The thing I wanted to do was make it so people walking by could get a quick glimpse of all the projects going, which releases had open bugs, which releases had check-ins waiting for testing, where our risk analysis was pointing to et cetera.

Does anyone actually look at this, I dunno, but sometimes you have to create a widget in order for someone to start using it.

It took me a little bit of work to undo the original coders gif banner rotating kioskand make it a QuickBase report kiosk but here it is (just like the dashboard project you have to create a page that ends in HTML.   For ease just call the page kiosk.html)  :

Rotating QuickBase Reports and Charts Kiosk

All you have to do is replace the URLs in the Newplace array with the URLs of your reports and voi la you have a kiosk.  In fact you can put any QuickBase url in there, so if you use DB pages, jpegs stored as file attachments or your main app dashboard or reports from several different quickbases, it really doesn't matter.    One thing you might want to adjust is the assumption here that my iframe is 1200x1000.   It depends on your monitor/windows display settings what you put in there.  Oh and make sure that if you use only 5 reports or something that you also adjust the max value of counter to match the size of the newplace array.

One thing this will not solve is that after a few hours you'll have to re-sign into quickbase  but if you are willing to maintain the kiosk, its something you just do when you walk by.  I'm sure the intrepid amongst you will also come up with all variations of this.  Love to hear them.

Anyway, hope this is something useful.


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