QBB’s Most Popular Articles of 2011

Before everyone gets caught up in the frenzy of the new fiscal year, we wanted to look back at 2011 and see what topics were most interesting to you, our readers. The ten posts below had the most traffic this year and include some colorful comments from our more vocal readers. Thank you for sharing your stories with us! We all face a multitude of challenges at work and it’s comforting and helpful to hear that others have had similar experiences. Keep ’em coming!

Based on the topics below, it looks like you all work with some “challenging” individuals (or just like reading horror stories) and are seeking proactive ways to make positive impacts at your organizations. If you have a topic you’d like our experts to write about, please recommend it in the comment section so we can incorporate it in 2012. We look forward to another year of helping you overcome challenges and reach your goals at work!

Most Popular Articles of 2011:

1. How to Handle the 7 Most Cringeworthy Coworker Situations

From malodorous cube mates to meeting hogs, we’ve got you covered with ways to navigate some pretty sticky situations.


2. How to Respond to a Rude Email

QuickBase advocates non-violence.


3. Five Most Difficult People and How to Work with Them

How to never let even the most challenging personality types get the best of you.


4. Big Picture Thinkers: How to Pay Attention to Detail

How to ground your lofty ideas in tangible, day-to-day tasks.


5. Becoming a Better Influencer: 4 Most Effective Influence Tactics

More often than not, getting things done means getting buy-in from others. Here are the top ways to influence other people.


6. Top 6 Burning Questions About Salary Answered

What should I be earning? What if I get turned down for a raise? Your top questions on salary answered here.


7. How to Get People to Read Your Emails

Never get the digital cold shoulder again.


8. Selling Your Bright Idea: the Realities of Innovation

A comprehensive guide on how to ensure your innovative idea never loses traction.


9. New Report: D.I.Y. Enterprise Apps Hit the Tipping Point [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Intuit survey finds that 50% workers are bypassing IT to create their own software solutions to work-related challenges.


10. Ten Ways Managers Botch Performance Evaluations

Just in time! Check this out before you do your 2011 performance reviews.


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