Put Your Problem-solving Skills in the Spotlight with No-Code Apps

Jan 18, 2018
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Put Your Problem-solving Skills in the Spotlight with Quick Base

Put Your Problem-solving Skills in the Spotlight with Quick Base


Did you know that 7 out of 10 Gen Xers surveyed for our Quick Base report, State of Business Apps 2017: The Future of Problem Solving, have been commended for the value their no-code apps have brought to their colleagues and businesses? And that nearly 3 out of 10 millennials have earned promotions for doing the same?

These statistics don’t surprise me. Over the past three years we have reported on the impact of no-code app building from both individual and business perspectives. The value of a no-code platform like Quick Base lies in the fact that it can empower anyone with a problem-solving mindset to play an active role in shaping and optimizing the way day-to-day work gets done. Higher productivity and efficiency is gained as well as valuable skills and recognition that drive career advancement.


Equal opportunity for innovation

According to the 231 customer organizations surveyed, 86% of our business app builders are Gen Xers and millennials who use their creativity and confidence to create and update their own custom solutions through no-code apps. Unlike traditional app development environments where most innovators are men, 40% of our builders are women.

What we’re finding is that today’s no-code app builders are not content with the status quo. They want to continually improve on ways to work better, faster, and easier. With the ability to quickly build and maintain solutions that are just as effective on “day one” as every day after that, they can now innovate at the pace of business, aligning with evolving internal and customer needs.

These innovators can be found at all levels of the enterprise in a wide variety of roles—from HR professionals to sales and project managers. While most cannot code, they have grown up with technology and are eager to use it to their advantage. For them, no-code platforms present an opportunity to help drive the same broad choice, immediacy, and advantage in the workplace as downloading an app to their smartphones offers in their personal lives. This is possible without waiting on IT to deliver a solution or making do with a legacy off-the-shelf app that cannot be tailored to their unique processes and work styles.


Testing the waters

Problem solving at the business level always works best when undertaken by those who are closest to the work. If you are one of those individuals, you know all about the people, processes, and data that are critical to getting work done. And you know what needs to happen and how to keep things relevant—even as the business, the market, and your customers’ needs change. All you need is the right technology to help put your ideas into action.

You may be wondering where and how to begin. According to our report, 45% of Gen Xers and 53% of millennials started building new apps right away. They quickly got up to speed leveraging familiar spreadsheet and database skills—and so can you.

Approximately one third of Gen Xers and millennials get their feet wet by taking the initiative to customize and improve an existing no-code application. In fact, making changes to existing apps is a favorite first project for new builders who want to get a better understanding of forms, tables, relationships, roles & permissions, reports, and dashboards before tackling a new app.

Whether you are building new or enhancing existing apps to suit your particular needs, you are in the driver’s seat, creating apps in days or weeks (without having to write a line of code) and updating them in real-time.


You don’t have to go it alone

There are many ways that you, your team, and even your entire organization can benefit from no-code business apps. Depending on your comfort level, and the kind of solution you want to build, you can choose from a range of approaches.


54% of our builders prefers to create their own no-code apps.

You can build an app from scratch or create one from existing data by simply uploading a spreadsheet. You can also select from 900+ pre-built apps in the Quick Base Exchange to help you solve a wide variety of business problems. These solutions are the shared contributions of builders from over nearly two decades of innovation, and can be easily customized to your specific needs.


30% of our builders rely on IT for support.

You can team up with IT to help provide the technical expertise for everything from training business professionals to build their own no-code applications, to overseeing the app building process, to handling data security and integration.


12% of our builders choose outside consulting.   

If you don’t want to build an app yourself, or have limited inhouse resources to either help create or build out an existing app with more complex features, you can rely on an outside consultant. If you choose this route, you can take advantage of our partnerships with over 70 Quick Base Solution Providers (QSPs).


Get involved and get noticed

Being a pioneer in a no-code app enabled business is your ticket for empowering yourself and everyone around you to solve business challenges, simply by combining insight and ideas with a platform like Quick Base. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the spotlight for your efforts—receiving recognition for your contributions and greater career opportunities—just as our app builders reported in this year’s report.


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