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Intelligence, Mobility, and Governance: What's New in the Quickbase Product

Written By: Matt Lieberson
May 8, 2024
6 min read

At Empower 2024, we laid out the four key principles for our product in the year ahead – simplicity, actionable intelligence, effortless mobility, and trusted governance. These four principles will drive how we think about product improvements – and the improvements and enhancements ahead are due to make a major impact for your business and with how you use Quickbase.

Did you miss Empower? Or, did you catch the event and could use a reminder of all the exciting updates and new features due to come with the Quickbase product? Read on to learn what’s new in the Quickbase product.

Simplicity – the user experience

Everyone knows how difficult work is in 2024. In fact, our own research found that 9 out of 10 respondents are overwhelmed to some degree about the software they have to use on a daily basis. So your software should be making things simpler – not the other way around.

At Quickbase, simplicity means getting you the information you need, right when you need it. First up, that means our simplified navigation and UX.

  • Our navigation experience has been redesigned with you in mind to include a new sidebar, which can maximize screen space and consolidate all your primary go-to links, as well as change display by collapsing or pinning it open with its flexible viewing options. We also added an easier experience for switching between apps, pipelines, the admin console, and more. We went out and worked with numerous customers to ensure that this new navigation is optimized for the best customer experience. By removing clicks from your daily workflow, you can easily find what you need with this enhanced user experience. Now in Beta.
  • Quickbase has also enhanced dashboards to include an infinite canvas, allowing users to flexibly display and resize widgets. This improved experience will allow users to rearrange dashboards to reflect their unique work style. Now in GA.
  • Coupled with this, new email notification service allows for new forms to be used for notifications, support for CC and BCC fields, and flexible triggering. This will make users more productive based on more polished and comprehensive notifications, bringing the right information to people’s fingertips. Now in GA.
  • Lastly, getting started more quickly will allow you to get more out of Quickbase, with our new and improved in-product Exchange. With greater accessibility and usage of pre-built apps, and now app components, especially ones specific to industries like construction and manufacturing, this Exchange removes the guesswork in app-building by making it effortless to navigate, filter, and search for high quality pre-built applications. You can also grab specific components like pipeline templates, formulas, and jinja snippets. Now in GA.

Actionable intelligence – AI in more places

Easier work also comes when AI takes more of the load off. As CEO Ed Jennings put it, AI can “reduce or eliminate the Gray Work bogging down your projects and deliverables… and free up your teams to interact with customers, and your leadership to make business decisions.” Quickbase’s continued AI enhancements are designed to do just that.

Quickbase’s Smart Builder has gotten even smarter. Our AI app builder empowers your entire workforce to build powerful and customized business applications. Using our AI app builder, you can simply tell Quickbase the problem you’re looking to solve and build fully functional apps in just a few clicks. Smart Builder now includes built-in reference to high quality apps in Exchange, ensuring that you receive the highest quality application for your use case. Get your work unstuck by empowering a much larger group of builders from across the business to make an impact. Now in Beta.

Smart Builder now goes beyond just building apps. AI is also infused into Pipelines, connecting automated workflows and bringing automated workflows to the forefront even faster than before. Further, coming soon, you can also leverage AI to build reports, with AI recommending charts and reports that are specific to the tables and field of your application. With this functionality, you’ll also be able to automatically uncover and surface deeper insight into your data. Now in Beta.

Get more done on the go

Last year, Quickbase acquired FastField Forms to connect insights from the field directly to the back office via mobile capabilities. We’ve created a number of enhancements to the Quickbase-FastField mobile experience designed to continue to connect what is happening in the field with the rest of the business.

Now, you can create mobile forms directly from Quickbase tables. Quickbase users can leverage their existing tables to automatically create a mobile form in FastField. Instead of duplicating this effort, users can simply create mobile forms for a seamless experience. You can also automatically have data collected in the field feed directly into Quickbase tables. There are a host of other integrative capabilities currently in beta. These include single sign-on into FastField from Quickbase, which allows users to streamline authentication and provisioning, saving valuable time for end users. They also include viewing FastField billing within Quickbase.

Have you tried using FastField? Get started today! Start a FastField trial from Quickbase.

Now in closed Beta.


Finally, governance and security remain core to the Quickbase platform. Effective governance allows you to scale quickly and continue to improve – all while business users can stay within guardrails in a controlled, safe environment.

Quickbase’s new Solution APIs helps organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of their applications – planning, building, testing, deploying, and updating. Users can leverage app builders across the line of business while ensuring compliance with corporate data policies. You will be able to mark apps as DEV and TEST as they move through your app development workflow. You will be able to build an app once, create many instances of that app, and keep those instances in sync as you iterate on the app’s design over time.

And as a technology leader, you can choose when and how your business users fit into the process. For instance, you could choose to only give admin access for production apps to a member of the IT team, only granting admin access to the business builders in the DEV and TEST copies your team creates and manages.

All of this supports the continuous improvement and deployment of business-critical applications. With our set of APIs to do this, your organization will have flexibility to match your process to your exact requirements.


We continue to remain laser-focused on our customers getting the most out of Quickbase, and ensuring that our platform is core to how you manage your work, not simply one of the many platforms that adds to your daily headache. Try out these features if and when they’re available – and experience how you can truly manage your most dynamic work with Quickbase.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.