Pricing... Both Sides of the Spectrum

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Feb 12, 2006
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With QuickBase, we cover the spectrum from folks feeling it is expensive to others finding it cheap. Let me cover the cheap first, as these folks are delighted with the value they are getting from QuickBase,though sometimes they do worry... "How can you provide this service for this little $$?"

The answer is volume, and it is one that Intuit understands well. When QuickBooks first came out, plenty of business accounting packages were available for a few thousand dollars; QuickBooks was about two hundred dollars. There were people that would have spent the thousands for business software, who got QuickBooks for "cheap". However, there were many, many more that never would have purchased the several thousand dollar solution, but did purchase QuickBooks. So, when folks tell us that they've:

  • avoided the $75,000 of a traditional CRM system;
  • saved $50,000 in software, hardware, and training costs for project management software; and
  • replaced a $200,000 event management system;

...all with QuickBase (and actual customer stories), we don't worry that we are an order of magnitude less than the prices they would have spent. We want to provide this value to the masses of folks who could never have spent this type of money to get a high-quality solution like this.

Now, let's cover the "expensive" side of the spectrum. On this one, I'm going to stay where we get the most questions, but if you have others you want answered, just comment and I'm happy to do what I can to explain. The most "it's too expensive" comments come around data and file attachment space charges, as they are much more expensive than just buying your own disk space. This is an understandable comparison, so let me explain why we aren't as crazy as it appears on the surface.

The charges for data and file attachment space for your applications aren't related to the amount we pay for the storage, but rather are related to the value you get for your specific application. The comparisons to pricing on storage space don't map, as those options do not give you the functionality around the data or file attachments that QuickBase offers. For example, with QuickBase file attachments integrate into your process, are searchable across attachments, and contain revision history and locking capabilities, etc. None of this comes with the disk drive you can buy.

The reason we allow pricing along these lines is that everyone is different. Some folks have lots of users, and little data space, but lots of file attachments, where as others have lots of users and lots of data space, with no attachments. Our objective was to give you flexibility.

The next place the "expensive" conversation comes is when folks are only using QuickBase with a small number of folks (<5) for only one application. This is a bigger subject that we can talk about more too. The one answer the kind of sums this one up is a quote from Todd Porter of Honeywell... "QuickBase is limited only by your own imagination." Rev up your imagination and get some more things going in QuickBase! :-)

As always, we'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Pricing is a BIG topic and I've tried to be brief, so I'm sure there is plenty I've missed.

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