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Podcast: How the State of Arizona is Innovating Infrastructure

Written By: Joe Demski
December 15, 2022
2 min read

In this episode, we sit down with Josh Wagner, the Director of the State of Arizona’s Government Transformation Office (GTO). He explains how technology like Quickbase is helping government agencies innovate infrastructure permitting and authorization processes. In light of increased infrastructure funding in the United States, Wagner and the GTO expect the State of Arizona to begin several infrastructure projects in the near future.

One goal of the organization is to be proactive in reducing the risk associated with infrastructure project timelines by providing agencies with the tools and skills necessary to move forward with development projects. In order to enable projects to get done better and more effectively, the organization built an app that connects to their web API. This has given them an opportunity to automate data collection processes, including permit submission and providing visibility for the public.

Wagner also goes into detail about the technology that powers these systems. He explains that Quickbase is the primary tool that they use to capture information about permits, milestones, and statuses for various infrastructure projects around the state. The app they built with Quickbase collects data in real time and also transfers the data into an online dashboard for maximum visibility.

Quickbase works seamlessly with their existing ecosystem and with the web platform they built to collect and share information about infrastructure projects. They leverage API endpoints on the backend of their website to connect to Quickbase’s data insights. This allows the GTO to provide a native capture form on the web that is automatically transmitted to the Quickbase app to kick off workflows to move the red tape through the system. Wagner expects this process to reduce manual manipulation of data and lead to further pipelines for additional integrations throughout their ecosystem.

Joe Demski
Written By: Joe Demski

Joe Demski is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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