Permission to Study: Justifying Time for Quick Base Certification

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Sep 4, 2018
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Permission to Study: Justifying Time for Quick Base Certification

You’re looking forward to becoming Quick Base Certified and have registered for the exam, but your biggest obstacle is finding time to study and prepare when your days are already full.

Below is a great sample letter to help you make a case to your manager for carving out time during the day for your certification studies. It also highlights what kind of returns an investment in certification can provide to the business. The letter is offered in both Microsoft Word and .PDF formats for your convenience.



I’m writing to ask for your approval to spend [X] hours a week for [X] weeks to pursue my Quick Base [App Builder, Expert Builder, Combined Builder/Expert] Certification.

Getting Quick Base Certified will help me benefit our [team/division] by:

  • Delivering faster and better than ever with Quick Base. By preparing for my exam I’ll be broadening my skills with Quick Base University’s comprehensive training and best practices curriculum. It will help enable me to build powerful apps better and more effectively for our [team/division] and potentially others as well.
  • Staying abreast of new Quick Base features and functionality. The Quick Base team is rolling out new features and functionality at a rapid pace. I will have the opportunity to learn and leverage the latest Quick Base enhancements—from easily automating more of our workflows to seamlessly controlling and distributing more of our data.
  • Getting more fired up than ever! As a company, we’ve made an investment in Quick Base. Allowing me to invest some of my workday to become certified will help us gain even more dividends from the platform. My expanded knowledge of Quick Base will help me build and evolve our apps to better meet our goals as a [team/department] and contribute more to the success of the organization.

The best part is I get full access to all of the Quick Base University courses and one attempt to pass the exam as part of our Quick Base subscription. Future attempts are offered for $99. You can learn more about more about the Quick Base Certification program here.

Thank you for reviewing my request.

Best regards,



Ready to take your Quick Base achievements to the next level?

The sooner you become Quick Base Certified, the faster you can put that validation and mastery to work for your team, division, company, and career. And remember, we’re always here to help you achieve your goals. Reach out to us any time if you have questions or need some assistance at: [email protected]

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