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What It Means to Be Quickbase Certified

Written By: Debbie Smith
March 26, 2019
5 min read

This post was updated on June 25, 2021 to reflect the most recent information about Quickbase University.

The second blog in our Certification Series, Quickbase University’s Debbie Smith answers your questions and discusses why it’s a great time to get Quickbase certified.

Although skills certification is common among software engineers and IT circles, it’s a fairly new concept for the business professional turned no-code app developer. Yet the career advantages that come with verifiable credentials are just as far reaching for both coders and business developers. In fact, it may be even more so for those business professionals who become the first to distinguish themselves through certification—especially when it comes from an industry leader of workforce empowerment.

Raising Your Visibility

Companies today are increasingly aware of the tremendous gains business-built apps are driving in terms of operational efficiency, staff productivity and engagement, business agility, customer satisfaction, and more. As a result, no-code/low-code app building is becoming one of most coveted skills in today’s job market.

Skills validation is a great way to draw greater attention to your capabilities and that’s what Quickbase certification is all about—helping you become more marketable, promotable, and successful.

“I think it [Quickbase certification] will help my career, any future career, and show that I am a continuous learner.”

– John Parham, National General Insurance

We’re Invested in Your Success

Our mission is to deliver a great certification experience and drive a successful outcome for every customer who wishes to become certified. And just like our Quickbase platform, our certification program is continually enhanced and updated based on your feedback—from how the exam is delivered and navigated to the types of questions asked.

We also offer Quickbase University’s library of reference materials and training options. These include eLearning and webinars as well as live online or in-person instructor-led training to help you prepare for and pass your Quickbase exam with flying colors.

And while you’re studying you might uncover something new—even if you’ve been a Quickbase developer for years. That was the case for one of our Quickbase Channel Partners, who, while studying for his exam, was delighted to learn about a Quickbase function that enabled him to quickly spin up a custom “help page” to better serve his customers.

Your Questions Answered

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received from customers about our new certification program.

Why should I get Quickbase certified?

Getting certified tells the world that you have proven, end-to-end expertise in leveraging the advantages of this modern, industry-leading development platform. It’s a valuable asset to have, especially as market demand for this kind of skillset rapidly trends upward. Certified builders build more successful apps for their companies.

What certification exams are available?

  • The App Builder exam is a timed 75 minute, 60-question* exam for intermediate builders who can create apps and roll them out to end users.
  • The Expert Builder exam is a timed 75 minute, 60-question* exam for advanced builders who can create apps with advanced formulas and APIs. App Builder certification is a prerequisite to take this exam.
  • The Expert Builder combined exam: You can choose to take the builder and expert exam combined into a timed 150 minute, 120-question* exam for advanced builders that enables them to earn their Expert Builder Certification in one step.

* All questions are multiple choice and randomly selected from a pool of questions.

What is the best way to prepare for each exam and what is the time investment required?

In addition to having 4 to 6 months of hands-on experience you should set aside a few weeks of time to familiarize yourself with Quickbase University certification study materials*. Exam preparation can be done all at once or as time permits. Resources include:

  • Assessments that help you decide what training to take based on your skillsets
  • eLearning and best practices courses as well as live online or in-person instructor-led training*
  • Links to related reference materials including online Help, blogs, and the latest release notes

* Study materials, courses, and webinars are included with your Quickbase subscription. There is a fee for dedicated live online or in-person classroom training.

You can also check out our cheat sheet for passing the Quickbase Certification exam.

How much do the exams regularly cost?

  • The first attempt at any exam is $99*
    • Until the end of 2021, Quickbase University is offering free certification to anyone taking an exam! Enter the code qbcares to take advantage of the free offer, valid for one exam attempt.

* Exams must be completed within the calendar year.

How are the tests administered?

Certification exams are online tests delivered through Quickbase University.

What is the passing grade?

You must earn a score of 70% or better to pass.

What if I need special accommodations?

We make every effort to accommodate any special needs you may have regarding taking the exam. Please contact us at [email protected].

What kind of credentials will I receive once I pass the exam?

You’ll receive a printable electronic Quickbase certificate as well as a digital badge that you can share on LinkedIn and other social media. You’ll also receive an email with a link to the PDF certificate (pictured below) as well as a link to post your certification badge.

Do I need to take another exam to be recertified every year?

Quickbase University is waiving the 10 PDU requirement until the end of 2021, for our builders who want to keep their certification active.

Ready To Put a Bigger Spotlight on Your Accomplishments?

We’re proud of our growing list of certified customers and what they’ve accomplished. And we look forward to you being one of them. We’re also excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for us all. Unlock your potential for greater success today and Register for certification at Quickbase University.

Written By: Debbie Smith