Our QuickBase Online Community is Getting an Upgrade

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Jan 25, 2017
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Our QuickBase Online Community is Getting an Upgrade

Our QuickBase Online Community is Getting an Upgrade


Hard to believe, but it has been over 17 years since we first started the QuickBase Community with a QuickBase app. Then it was a little over 8 years ago that we moved to the Intuit Community Platform that we use today. Well, we’re on the move again!

I’m pleased to announce that on Tuesday, February 7th we will be launching a new community platform to continue to carry on this legacy and the amazing community of users that power it, so we can grow into the future. The new community will be accessible from the same methods you use today, from within QuickBase, but we will be moving to a new URL: https://community.quickbase.com.

(Please note that the link above will not work and you should not notice any product changes until the launch date on February 7th. )

This new platform will include all of the same Q&A functionality that is offered today that helps get quick answers to questions through our large group of active customers. It also has some new functionality that you can use after launch such as gamification to help encourage more engagement, and the ability for sub-communities for things like the EMPOWER user conference, our network of Partners, and more. This new community also offers many benefits that we hope to leverage in the future as we continue to improve and grow our community so keep an eye out for more changes as the year progresses.

As we have said before, it takes commitment, understanding, and a whole lot of know-how to create a vibrant and helpful community like you have. Over the years, we’ve been participating right along with you (big shout out to Eliza!) and it’s been great to see everyone contribute whatever they can to improve the discussion. So go ahead, take a bow.

We are looking forward to another chapter in our community and hope you are too! Keep up the good work and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have feedback on how to make our community even better as we continue on this journey.


Happy QuickBasing,

Clay Nicolau

QuickBase Product Management