Our Best Advice for Managing Teams and Projects From 2016

Jan 5, 2017
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Our Best Advice For Managing Teams and Project 2016


Our Best Advice For Managing Teams and Project 2016

2016 is gone, but hopefully not entirely forgotten. We’ve compiled some of our favorite posts from last year, whether you’re managing teams or managing projects – from how to help staff members be more innovative to how to talk about a failing project. (Note that we haven’t ranked these in any particular order; we like them all!)

The Best Advice for Managing Your Team:

How to Get Your Team to Take More Ownership Over Their Work

People who see themselves as the true owners of their work tend to think more creatively, drive work forward with more urgency, and get better results – and will free up you, the manager, to spend your time on higher level work.

How To Help Teams Develop a More Innovative Mindset

What is it that fuels some people and organizations to be so innovative? Is there a way to give your team an extra helping of creativity?

What To Do If an Employee Keeps Missing Deadlines

If a staff member is regularly blowing deadlines, it’s crucial to address it quickly so that the habit doesn’t get ingrained or spread to other team members.

Boost a Team’s Emotional Intelligence for Better Business Results

Building your team members’ emotional intelligence can position you as trusted advisers to your clients.

How to Initiate a Conversation About a Failing Project

If you’re concerned about how a project on your team is going, don’t wait to raise the topic. Here’s how to lead the conversation.

Build a Team that Could Compete at the Olympics of Business

The Olympics are over, but these tips on how to create Olympic-level teams in your company will hold you in good stead.

How to Tell if a Team Member’s Workload is Too High

Learn how to assess whether a team member’s workload truly is unreasonable or whether the issue might be something else (like a need for better systems or a performance problem).

How Managers Can End Wasteful Habits and Use Solutions That Work

In order to stop wasting time and money on solutions that don’t work, you need to understand the five spending traps and how to overcome them.


The Best Advice for Managing Projects:

Managing a Project When You Don’t have Formal Authority Over Your Team

Project management can be harder than people management because when you don’t have formal authority over the people tasked to your project, you have to find other ways of getting things done and keeping people accountable. Here’s how.

4 Easy Steps to Transition a Project to a New Project Manager

The transition from the old project manager to the new project manager will be key to the success of the project. Here’s how to make it go smoothly.

What To Do When Your Project Sponsor Leaves

Changing sponsors mid-stream isn’t high on most project managers’ wish lists. Here’s how to survive it.

5 Reasons Why People Hate Project Managers

Knowing the reasons is the first step to counteracting them!

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Great Project Managers

The difference between experts who have built a platform around their expertise and experts who are great at their work but haven’t done that might be the ability to answer these four questions off the cuff.

How to Kill Bad Ideas Without Alienating Team Members

Not every idea is a great one. Here’s how to kill bad ideas without demoralizing your team or discouraging future ideas.

Process Improvement Perfection: Why Best is Better than Perfect

Aiming for the best practices is often more valuable than chasing after perfection.

Reviving the Monster Project, the Frankenstein Way

When you want to revive a dead project, follow these simple rules from Dr. Frankenstein.


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