Onboarding a New Database Application Platform Sounds About as Appealing as...

RAD Ideas
Sep 6, 2012
4 Min Read

I’ll let you all be creative and find your own ending to the title. Potential endings could be “dinner with your creepy neighbor that stares at you as you enter your house at night,” or maybe it’s “a bowl of egg salad that’s been sitting outside on a 95 degree day.” Regardless of what the most unappealing thing you can think of might be, on-boarding your team to Intuit’s QuickBase platform doesn't have to be in that discussion.

First let’s tackle a common problem in the workplace. Pretend you’re a project manager and it's becoming obvious that you need to organize your team in order to allow everyone to work in a more efficient manner. Everybody on your team claims to know what they are doing, but with a deadline looming, the final deliverables aren't cohesive with one another, and you have no idea how to explain the work to your demanding client. Are you stressed out yet?

QuickBase comes equipped with easy-to-use project management software that is completely customizable. The online database allows team members to save their work on an interactive platform that encourages discussion and consistency, while you have the power to reduce your own administrative workload and compile data more efficiently. Lastly, the web hosted database allows all data to appear in a singular online location which won’t affect file storage options.

In an ideal world, I’m sure all of this sounds great, but now you might be thinking, “I have a feeling that on-boarding my team will take a lot of time, and I might even have problems with the software myself.” Rest assured that QuickBase has an extensive online database resource center designed to help with a variety of issues in an easy to understand and interactive manner. Regardless of the industry you work in, QuickBase’s community forum, support center, developer resources, video tours, and webinars will help you and your team arrive at a more efficient process.

QuickBase might end up saving you so much time and aggravation, that you’ll actually have time to brainstorm ways to avoid that creepy neighbor as well. Good luck with that!

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