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Written By: Shannon Curran
August 6, 2019
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You walk into work in the morning with a to do list of tasks to accomplish. You are managing multiple teams in multiple locations, you are working on tons of projects all at the same time, and you are frustrated by systems that don’t support you in the way that they should. You are losing track of where your teams are, can’t seem to figure out what materials they need, how they are monitoring safety and what changes are being requested by customers. Your days are consistently ending in a massive headache of fires to put out.

Why is this? Let’s blame the process.

Using spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, or hard to use software tools to manage projects with teams across many locations results in productivity drain, human errors, and communication challenges. Even worse, this has a direct impact on the service you provide to customers and your ability to deliver projects on time and under budget.

There must be a better way to get a hold of your entire operation—and fast. There is.

Focusing on your project management efficiency by creating business applications that match your exact processes can make all the difference. You can update workflows in seconds as your needs change and they are available on any device and from any location to finally alleviate some of those headaches. Your teams will be in the right place, your supplies will be on the right site, and your customers will be happy—what more could you want?

Here are the 6 benefits of creating business applications that can manage all of your projects the right way.

Strengthened customer relationships

With customized business applications that work for you—not against you—you are able to deliver on the promises you make your customers. You will increase your rates of on-time completion and will be able to stay under budget.

“We have a real-time view of our activities at every location. This has led to improved customer service, faster delivery of customer vehicles, better reporting and metrics, and an improved bottom line,” Kent Hendricks, CEO, DetailMGR.

Accelerated growth

Your broken processes and inability to communicate with your team is slowing your company’s growth. With applications that support the way you want to work you can maximize revenue from better customer service by providing you with opportunities to expand the number of projects you work on with existing customers while attracting new ones, and bill projects faster—leading to more profitable projects and growth.

Boyett Construction is now able to handle a 50% higher project load across every role in their business by tracking and managing every facet of their operations in a customizable system.

“With personalized dashboards, staff in different roles can oversee all the details in one place, and quickly prioritize the work coming in.” John Khau, Vice President, Boyett Construction.

Improved safety

Keep your teams safer while saving time and money by automating processes for tracking environment, health and safety (EHS) incidents that often rely on spreadsheets, paper, and manual tasks.

“Spreadsheets didn’t catalog our data in a useful way…things weren’t getting followed up on properly. Now we can be proactive instead of reactive. We are reducing environmental impact and personal injury rates too,” an environmental health and safety advisor for a large oil company.

Implementing better hazard corrections and precautions contributed to a 23% reduction in spills​.

Enhanced team satisfaction

With the ability to automate tasks, connect your employees, and end duplicative work and simple mistakes you will have a staff that is less frustrated and able to be more productive.

“Having accurate, updated information in a central yet accessible location is invaluable, especially when all staff do not reside in the same location. As inventory changes, staff can be notified of current supply levels and reports can track trends to stay on top of purchasing.” Patti Domacker, Solutions Development Senior Analyst, Ascension Information Services.

Proactive and effective communication

Provide better service to customers and increase team efficiency by ensuring that all team members have critical job information in real-time from any device wherever they are.

“The fact that our project tracking is online and real-time is huge! If one of our installs is falling behind, we know right away because we see the numbers and can be proactive in getting it back on track,” Kim Christensen, Implementation Specialist, Canadian Tire Corporation.

Better decision making

Reduce costs and make educated and effective decisions with transparency into the data across your organization.

“Most of our customer contracts are very large and complex, [automating processes] has allowed us to customize the applications to align with Key Performance Indicators such as client communication, quality services and financial targets which are critical to our customers,” says David Love, Vice President, Facility Management and Workplace Services, Sodexo.

Satisfied customers and employees, projects on time and under budget, and a day with no spreadsheets or paper—what a dream. Customized business applications that you can access anywhere are going to be the game-changer for you streamlining your processes to support your specific needs and your business goals. What are you waiting for?

Written By: Shannon Curran

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