October 2016 Release Notes

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Oct 6, 2016
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Summer flew by way too fast and -- just like that – October! This month, we’re unveiling an enhancement that lets you process multiple files when you create and refresh a CSV-connected table. We’re also rolling out a useful enhancement to the Reports List widget. And, as usual, we’ve fixed several issues you pointed out to us.

New CSV-connected tables can now process multiple files during a single sync

For new CSV-connected tables, if you choose the Keep everything… table update option, QuickBase will process up to ten files in a single refresh. Whenever your sync directory contains multiple files, they will be processed one at a time, in chronological order, with the oldest updated file processed first.

This enhancement expands the use cases for the Sync for CSV feature. For example, now your team can Sync data from files dropped into your CSV folder from multiple sources, like invoice data from different vendors. Or, suppose your order management system outputs multiple CSV files every hour. With this enhancement, you can ensure each of the files will be synced to your connected table.


Existing connected tables using the Keep everything option will not be affected by this update. In November, all such tables will be converted to the new multiple-file process. If you have CSV-connected tables using the Keep everything option, we’ll send you an email in the next month describing the process and what you should do to prepare. Stay tuned!

CSV-connected tables using the Make my table match… option are not affected by this change.

Specify which tables are displayed in the Reports List widget

When you use the Reports List widget on your home pages, you can now specify which tables to display reports from. You can show reports from all tables, or just the ones you select. You could, for example, create unique home pages for different user roles and have reports displayed only from tables specific to their role.

In this example, the first image shows the configuration panel for the widget, and the second image shows the widget with reports only from the Tasks and Projects tables.




Add additional billing contacts in Account Settings

On the Billing Contact Information page, you can add the name and email address for two additional billing contacts. Any additional contacts you add will get the same email notifications as the primary billing contact. You can also edit the name and phone number of the Primary billing contact here, as well as the Bill To Address and Sold To Address. Access the Billing Contact Information page by clicking Edit Billing Contact on the Manage Billing Account page.

Customers on a trial or free plan can still edit the Primary billing contact email from the Account Properties page.


Migration to QuickBase website domain completed

On October 1, we successfully migrated our website domain from quickbase.intuit.com to www.quickbase.com The transition occurred without causing disruption to our customers or prospects. Update your bookmarks and come visit us soon!

What’s fixed in QuickBase?

Here's what we fixed this month.

ID Issue
QBE010208 (Microsoft Edge only) The QuickBase user interface was not formatted correctly on many pages.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010705 If you created a report grouped by a Numeric - Percent field, and then selected any grouping method other than Equal Values, the range values displayed as decimals instead of percentages.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010851 If you imported a name into a User field, a placeholder user was created, but the value was not added to the associated User field in the record.

This issue has been resolved.


QBE010863 When using API_ChangeUserRole to change a user’s role, and when the user was already in that role as a member of a group or as a second entry, the group "Everyone on the Internet" was assigned to the role instead of the targeted user.

This issue has been resolved.


Under certain conditions, in the Manage Billing Account page, filtering the Users with Access tab based on a list of email addresses could return the incorrect number of users.

This issue has been resolved.


Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase? Please share your suggestions by clicking the orange feedback tab on the My Apps page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for QuickBase forum (http://quickbase.uservoice.com).

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