November Product Release Scheduled

Quick Base News
Nov 20, 2009
2 Min Read

Business critical apps, ones with complex relationships supporting many processes and having multiple administrators, are an exciting possibility for any team using QuickBase. In the past, making changes to these applications was best accomplished by copying the application, working on it and switching everyone over to the new version - safe, but not so simple.

That’s why I’m so excited our next product release on November 29th. We are introducing a Developer Sandbox for all Enterprise accounts that will let you make changes to your live applications without risk. You simply create and test the changes in the safety of the sandbox application, continue using the live application, run a compatibility check to identify any problems and update the live app with your changes - safe as houses.


There are new features that all customers will enjoy. An improved user management area allows account administrators to easily manage access of thousands of QuickBase users. Finding users is much easier with dynamic search and sorting capabilities, while modifying status is simplified with bulk actions and the ability to provision users by importing a CSV file.

Lastly, a great usability tweak worth mentioning is better visibility and tuning of [non]searchable fields. This is a great way to make fast searches even faster.

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