November 2016 Release Notes

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Nov 3, 2016
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November Release Notes - QuickBase


November Release Notes - QuickBase

November is the month for giving thanks. Here at QuickBase, we’re thankful for our loyal customers and app builders! This month we’re providing a way to create roles with more flexible permission options. We’re also adding an option to limit access to IP addresses at the realm level. Finally, we’ve added links in the product to sign up for QuickBase training.

More flexible permissions levels for roles

There are times when you want to allow app builders to edit app structure and permissions but not have the ability to share apps with users. Perhaps you are approaching the maximum number of users, or maybe you just want more control over who has access to which apps.

At other times, you may want to let users manage users and share apps but not edit app structure and permissions.

This release lets you assign these two permission levels separately, so you can define the precise roles you want.

To access role permission settings, go to the app Home page, click SETTINGS on the Page bar, then click Roles. For each role, you can grant different permission levels by selecting checkboxes in the App Access section on the Permissions tab.


For more details on this feature, search online help in the November release for “Configure permissions for a role.”

Enforce IP address filtering at the realm level

The realm-level setting Allow access from IP addresses allows a realm admin to list ranges of IP addresses. Another app-level setting allows each app admin to decide whether to restrict access to an app to users whose IP addresses are in those ranges.

With this release, we’ve added a new realm-level setting that allows admins to limit all apps in the realm to be accessed only from specified IP address ranges, regardless of the state of the app-level setting.


New Links to QuickBase Training options

Now you can access QuickBase training options directly from QuickBase. We’ve added training links to the QuickBase right-side panel and the Help results panel. Just click these links to get more information about in-person classroom training or live online classes.




What’s fixed in QuickBase?

Here's what we fixed this month.

ID Issue


If you invited groups, domains, or email addresses to an app and assigned them to a role, the number of users reported on the Subscription settings page were incorrect. In some cases, app managers received alerts indicating that the number of subscription recipients exceeded their allowed limit.

This issue has been resolved.



For forms that include the following…

  • A Text field requiring unique values
  • A Formula - Checkbox field
  • A dynamic form rule with an “Abort the Save” action preventing the record from being saved if the Formula - Checkbox was selected.

…the dynamic form rule failed on a save attempt if the Text field contained a duplicate value and the Formula - Checkbox was unchecked.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010912 The Billing History page now shows the history for all plans subscribed to during the account’s lifetime.

This issue has been resolved.



On the Billing History page, a customer's payment history displayed incorrectly for successful or failed attempts to charge a customer’s credit card. The Date column displayed the date the invoice was created instead of the date the credit card payment was made or attempted.

This issue has been resolved.



The Search widget added a default report when no report was specified in the settings.

This issue has been resolved.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase? Please share your suggestions by clicking the orange feedback tab on the My Apps page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for QuickBase forum (

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