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Aug 15, 2011
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In the 60 days since we introduced the QuickBase Product Feedback Forum, over 2,650 QuickBase users have registered for the forum; 280 new product ideas have been entered, and 2,600 votes have been cast. As a product manager here at QuickBase, seeing this kind of activity from engaged users is invigorating.

The Product Feedback Forum is the place for us to monitor the real-time pulse of our customers through their ideas, votes and spirited discussions. In addition, what really excites me is the ability to communicate directly with you, the customer, to better understand your needs and as we develop new features, to return to the Forum to validate that what we’re building aligns with your needs.

For example, “Switch roles on the fly to evaluate user experience,” was an enhancement submission that you voted as one of your top ten ideas. This caught my eye because this feature already existed in the product. After a few exchanges with customers, it was clear that the existing implementation was inconsistent and unpredictable for some users, so the feature was not being well-utilized. Based on the amount of votes and comments the idea had in the Forum, it was also clear that this functionality is valued. So we made the decision to address it.

I started the design process by collecting all related Forum comments and reviewing them with my development team. We identified some open questions and put them up on the forum for feedback. We considered the feedback, finalized the approach, and submitted it to the group for validation. This process was completed in a matter of days and then the engineering team went off to do their magic.

I’m confident that the end result is a feature redesigned to address your needs in a more consistent and predictable manner. Application managers and users with certain permissions can now quickly test how users in different roles interact with applications by selecting Test role as > Role from the Signed in as menu. See screenshot below for an example.  When you temporarily change your role, you see only what users in that role will see within your application. Read more about the new “Test as Role” feature in the release notes.

A big thank you to all of you that were involved in this process and I look forward to more collaboration in the future. Please leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts about the Forum, the process and, of course, the “Test as Role” feature.

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