New QuickBase Capabilities Boost Operational Efficiency

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Dec 6, 2016
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New QuickBase Capabilities Boost Operational Efficiency

New QuickBase Capabilities Boost Operational Efficiency

We are pleased to announce that QuickBase Webhooks and Multi-file support in QuickBase Sync for CSV are now generally available, extending QuickBase’s integration and automation capabilities. The features were introduced in early access at the QuickBase EMPOWER user conference in May 2016. Customers have already gained increased efficiency and productivity by automating their workflows and data import into QuickBase. Additionally, SFTP support in Sync for CSV is now in early access, with a planned release date in Q1 2017. All these features are introduced in response to customer requests.

Customers Automate Processes to Tackle New Business Problems

QuickBase Webhooks helps you connect with other systems and automate a wide variety of existing and new business processes. The native integration and automation capability enables QuickBase to notify, in real time, a QuickBase application, cloud application or web-enabled on-premise system about changes in QuickBase data. Once notified, the application takes an action, or a series of actions, in response.

DishOut, an innovative payment solution provider, uses Webhooks to automate key business processes including shipping and help desk activity management. Instead of manually keying in duplicate data in Excel spreadsheets and making delay-causing errors, employees can now generate a shipping label at the click of a button in QuickBase. Webhooks instantly sends a message to Zapier (a third-party integration service) which notifies Fedex to create a shipping label, then updates the original record in QuickBase with the tracking number.

QuickBase for shipping and help desk activity management_Webhooks

As result of process automation with Webhooks, DishOut reports almost 400 hours saved per year in labor associated with shipping processes, now reclaimed toward growing the business and better serving customers. Additionally, the company saved an estimated $80,000 in application coding costs to create the automated solution.  Read the full success story.


Data Integration Enhancements Save Time and Unlock Better Insights

QuickBase is also expanding its popular QuickBase Sync for CSV capability which makes it easy to bring data into QuickBase. It enables synchronization with core business systems through automated import of CSV files located in Box, Dropbox or Google Drive on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. This not only helps save time and reduce manual errors but also unlocks essential business data to enable greater visibility, insight and collaboration.

QuickBase Multi-File Support



Multi-file support helps you replicate frequently changing business data in QuickBase with the ability to process multiple CSV files at once, without changing the way you work. You can now support your exact data integration process, whether bringing in data from multiple sources, such as different vendors, or multiple files from a single source, such as an ordering system. For example, a beverage manufacturer updates pricing information from several vendors in QuickBase on a daily basis. The vendors provide pricing information as CSV files. The company has no control over when its vendors upload the CSV files so it's possible that multiple vendors provide their file in the same hour. With multi-file support, the company can rest easy knowing Sync for CSV process every uploaded file.

QuickBase_SFTP support CSV file


SFTP support enables you to automate business processes that rely on CSV data on your SFTP server without changing the way you work or building a custom integration solution. You can connect to your company's SFTP server for full control over your data and start syncing data automatically. Sign up for the Early Access program.


QuickBase Webhooks and QuickBase Sync for CSV are available at no extra cost to all customers with a Premier, Platform or Unlimited subscription to QuickBase.

Want to see other examples of processes automated with Webhooks? Check out Customers Improve Operations with QuickBase Webhooks. Have a comment? Open the discussion thread to the left in the social sharing bar.

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