New How-To Videos: Reports and Charts!

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Oct 17, 2017
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New How-To Videos: Reports and Charts!

Quick Base reports and charts give you the valuable insight you need to improve processes, operate more efficiently, and plan next steps. You can view info any way you like, creating and customizing reports and charts for yourself and your team.

Our two new videos in the Getting to Know Quick Base series, Video #7,

Creating Reports, and Video #8, Creating Charts show you how to create reports and charts that streamline workflows and provide key information at a glance.

In the Reports video, follow our character Sally as she learns to:

  • Create a new table report showing recent sales activities
  • Select and reorder custom columns to focus on what she most wants to see
  • Sort and group data
  • Use the power initial filter "is current user" to create a report that shows each of her sales reps just their own activities
  • Organize reports and charts so she can find them easily

In the Charts video, learn how Sally can:

  • Select the right type of chart from the myriad options Quick Base offers
  • Modify an existing chart to focus on key information
  • Create a new pie chart
  • Change the dynamic filters that let users change which information the chart displays on the fly
  • Select a slice of the pie and save a drill-down report of just this information
  • Favorite a chart

You can view reports on your app home page, a table home page, or send reports via email. You can also download reports to create compelling presentations.

The new reports and charts videos are part of a series that also covers Quick Base basics, getting an app from Exchange, creating tables, customizing forms, and creating relationships. You can view these videos on our web site or in our eLearning Orientation dnt=1 videoFoam=true" style="height:100%;width:100%"> 

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