New Features Spotlight: 3 Ways to Streamline Your QuickBase App Experience

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Oct 5, 2015
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Our focus is on empowering business and IT professionals to quickly and easily build, customize and connect secure cloud apps without writing code. We are committed to continuously improving QuickBase through constant innovation and ongoing feature enhancements, always looking to grow our value to our customers. This September, we released a trio of new features to make your QuickBase experience even more seamless.

Copy Form Rules - Save Time

The first new feature is an added capability that enables you to copy form rules. Instead of rebuilding your rules from the ground up each time you need a new rule or form, we made it simple for you to recreate your rules, giving you the flexibility to experiment, tweak, and perfect them to best suit your business needs. This saves the time and effort of reconstructing them by hand and having to replicate the exact sequences.

Joe Lichtefeld, VP of Application Services at ResCare, explains how he uses it within his business, saying, “We utilize this function [rules] a lot within our forms to help enforce business rules and other logic flow for the data as it is entered. Being able to copy [form rules] will save us time when creating new forms.” 

Hide Maps on Forms - Clean Up Your View

We also added a new form element property to hide maps, which gives you the ability to tailor the layout of your forms for an improved user experience. Each time there’s an address, you’ll have the option to include a block map or to leave it out. This enables you to clear out some visual clutter and makes it easier to find the information you need. This is especially handy when you have forms with multiple addresses and require a more streamlined view.

Chart Sorting - Easy Data Interpretation

In a similar line of improving your visual experience, you now have the option to sort pie charts and bar graphs not only by label, but also by value. This enables you to build the exact charts you need so users can more easily interpret the data and highlight trends. No more pie charts or bar graphs with unordered data - simply choose your axis and preferred ordering for clean, easy-to-read, user-friendly results.

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