New Calendar Reports Are Simplifying How You Use and Share Information

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Jan 30, 2018
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New Calendar Reports Are Simplifying How You Use and Share Information

New Calendar Reports Are Simplifying How You Use and Share Information


A calendar is a calendar is a calendar, or is it?

Quick Base is simplifying how you share and present information with a new calendar report format that offers improved styling and features daily and weekly views, event colorization, double-clicking to add events, and more.

These calendar enhancements, introduced as part of the December 2017 release to customers who opted in, will be available to all customers on February 25, 2018. The feedback from participating customers has been positive and we will be releasing a few additional enhancements in February based on their feedback.

Here is a post in the Quick Base Community outlining new calendar behavior changes.


Quick Base Calendar Screenshot


What can you expect?

Your existing calendar reports will still present the same data but in a new, more intuitive format. You can manage and report on your events and tasks more easily with the added daily and weekly views.


Calendar Week View with Colors


The monthly view dynamically expands to display an unlimited number of events for each day.


Calendar Month View with Colors


The new report follows standard calendar behavior such as switching between daily, weekly, and monthly views via tabs, and displaying by default the view you visited last.

Additionally, you can double click to add an event, navigate calendars embedded in forms, and email professional-looking reports.


Quick Base Calendar Email Reports


The key change in behavior that you may be used to is that clicking on a date will give you the daily view for that date rather than listing all of your events and their detail.


Calendar Day View with Colors


Calendar reports now reflect your app setting for first day of the week instead of defaulting to Sunday. For example, if you had set Monday as first day of the week and your existing calendar displayed Sunday, your updated calendar will display Monday as your first day of the week.


How’s that for a humble calendar?

Share your thoughts about these changes by leaving a comment below. Happy calendaring!


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