May 2018 Release Notes

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May 10, 2018
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It’s springtime, and we’ve taken a great leap toward simplifying the Quick Base experience for app builders and end users alike. We’re spotlighting features that make it easier for you to:

  • Build powerful apps with Quick Base Automations
  • Find the app you need with a new My Apps page
  • Find data for your reports with Report Builder enhancements

Also for admins, the May release features new use cases for audit logs, improved navigation for the Admin Console, and realm-level visibility into user tokens.

Quick Base Automations, the new my Apps page, and a new create an app flow will all be available on Monday, May 21, 2018. The rest of the features and fixes listed in these release notes will be available starting May 20, 2018.



Power up your workflows with Quick Base Automations

Quick Base Automations gives you the power to run your unique processes accurately and reliably day after day.  Automate your processes without writing code so you can spend less time on low-value tasks, and more time on work that matters.

An automation is a set of rules you define to automatically perform actions. Automations reduce repetitive steps, replace manual processes, and ensure clean data.

Each automation has one trigger. The trigger is what starts your automation.

Each automation can include multiple actions that happen in a specific order. Your trigger sets these actions in motion. An action can add, modify, or delete records, or run a table import.

You can add power to your automations by easily pulling in data from your trigger or previous actions.

For example, in a project management app, the trigger might be your team member adding a new project to the Projects table. Your two automation actions add two new tasks to the Tasks table. You can set up your automation to retrieve Project Manager Sophie Chau’s name and add it to the Assigned to field for those new tasks.

Many customers have tested automations in early access and we have enhanced the feature based on feedback. Automations now includes:

  • An improved design for the main automations workflow
  • An improved user experience for working with related records
  • An improved user experience for working with tables that contain a large number of fields

And following soon after the May release, you’ll be able to run automations on a regular daily, weekly, or monthly basis to match your workflow.

For more information about how this feature works, consult our documentation or view our training.


Find and Create Apps More Easily with New My Apps page

With our May release, you’ll begin your day in Quick Base with a completely redesigned My Apps page. It features much of the same functionality as the current My Apps, but with a with a cleaner, more modern look and customizable app icons.


My Apps also simplifies how you create a new app from scratch and you can now choose the app icon and color.

Note: To access the old experience, click Use original experience. You can click Try new experience to return to the new my Apps page.

When creating a new app, you can choose from a set of colors, or enter your own hex value. To change the icon and color for an existing app, click Settings from the app home page.

Your newly-created app now gets you started with how to add your first table.

Once you add at least one table, your app prompts you to customize home pages, with a short demonstration video included.


Save time with report builder enhancements

Find the fields you need more easily with our improved report builder. If you're grappling with large data sets, our new searchable field pickers will save you time.

When you create a chart, calendar, timeline, or other report, you can get a filtered list of field types and field names in the builder as you type in any dropdown.

For example, if you're searching for the field "Actual Start Date," typing in "Date" will get you a filtered list of all field names that include "Date" along with any Date or Date/Time fields on your table

We've also simplified the experience of setting up your report to make it clearer where your report will appear and who can see it.

There's now a section called reports & charts panel that guides you through creating a viewable link to your report for certain roles. You can also select which roles in your app can view this report or chart.

Note: Admins can still see all your reports by accessing Table Settings.


Advanced search form

We've also brought our new searchable field picker to the advanced search form which is displayed on Table Home pages with very large datasets.



New use cases for audit logs now available

This month, we've enhanced Audit Logs with the following new types of use cases:

  • App and table search
  • App and table home page access
  • Report access
  • User token create, delete, activate / deactivate
  • History of log-out

Audit logs help ensure you meet your organization’s security standards and corporate compliance policies.
By default, audit logs have 6 months of data retention. Retention packages will be available for 1, 3, and 7 years. Admins can view the last 90 days of audit log information in the user interface and download the rest.

Access Audit logs in in the left-hand navigation bar of the admin console.


Realm-level visibility into user tokens

Platform and Unlimited plans only

Platform admins will now be able to view a list of all user tokens with information including the user token’s name and which apps they are used in.


Improved navigation for the Admin Console

Our Admin Console has a new streamlined look and improved navigation for some of the main pages, including Account Summary and Groups. Links previously in a side bar to the left now appear in the upper right-hand More menu.


The Groups page also now features a +New Group button in the upper right.


Updated Zapier Connector: Beta continues with May 31 roll out

In February, we launched our Beta for an updated Zapier connector to enable more powerful and secure integrations connecting Quick Base with over 1,000 cloud apps. On May 31, 2018, we will launch this new connector.

The connector will enable you to automate your exact workflows without writing code. Examples include automatically

  • Creating a new record in Quick Base when someone completes a Typeform survey
  • Adding a new event to your Google Calendar when a record is added to Quick Base
  • Catching a data set via a webhook and insert it into Quick Base as a record

Some of the improvements we have implemented include:

  • A better “New Record” trigger that lets you specify which records should set a Zap in motion. The improved trigger reduces the number of Zaps that have to run.
  • An improved search with more detailed criteria for finding records
  • An improved process for Find & Update or Create
  • User token support that makes integrations more secure and easier to maintain

We will be sunsetting the current Zapier connector on May 31, 2018. Although you will still be able to run and edit existing Zaps, you will need to use the new connector to create a new Zap.

To activate the new "Beta" Quick Base connector, use this link.


Searchable file attachments are now opt-in

We’re making some improvements to how file attachments are handled in Quick Base. Currently, when you upload a file, the Quick Base server will “read through” the file to make the contents searchable. Our analytics show that less than .06% of apps take advantage of this functionality.

Beginning with the May release, the “search contents” feature will now be an opt-in.

Note: To activate this feature for a table in your app, go to Table Settings and click on Advanced Settings.

If you are a frequent user of this feature, you should already have received communication from us about this feature.



Kanban reports early access

We're excited to announce early access to our new Kanban reports, which create sorted card views of your records.

For example, in a Task table, you might have a multi-select field that lists the priority of a particular task. Creating a Kanban report allows you to sort your tasks by whether they're high, medium, or low priority.

Kanban early access will start with this release. If you would like to participate, have your realm admin open a support case.

Realm-specific encryption keys

Quick Base currently encrypts all customer data at rest at the application layer using a global AES 256 encryption key. As customers continue to store more data within Quick Base, they need to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of that data to meet their internal and external security and compliance requirements.

To support these needs, we are developing encryption capabilities that enable customers to encrypt their proprietary data with realm-specific encryption keys. If you are interested in these capabilities, please open a support case.



  • We’ve made significant performance improvements to the process that indexes file attachments for searching.
  • To enhance our SAML integration capabilities, we are developing support to accept encrypted responses from your identity provider (encrypted assertions). If you are interested in this feature, open a support case.
  • As part of our ongoing effort to deprecate outdated and unsupported areas of the product, we will retire legacy home pages in our September 2018 release. We’ve added a button to start the conversion process from an old home page to a new one. For more information, visit our engineering blog.
  • We are no longer supporting the charting frameworks Dundas and MSCharts, which are currently used in a very small number of apps. App managers and realm admins using these older charting frameworks have been notified. If you have concerns, please open a support case



New in Quick Base University

New in Quick Base University

Quick Base Certification: In our effort to improve the certification experience for you, we’ve released a new Certification Exam format. This new experience features better navigation, the ability to tag questions, and more feedback on your performance.

You can register for our certification exams for free until June 30, 2018. Use the promo code qbcert when you register.

You have the choice of two certifications: App Builder and Expert Builder. You can find certification details on Quick Base University.

New and Updated eLearning Courses

New May courses:

B07: Best Practices - Resources – Resources prepared by our Best Practice Consultants to support app builder success

A03: Quick Base Administration: IT Demonstration for the Enterprise – A simplified view of the current Quick Base Administration functionality and where we’re heading with this capability

A04: Account Administration Overview – A more complete overview of the functionality used to manage your account and realm

Updated May courses:

FF10: Controlling Data with Roles and Permissions – Leverage roles to control the level of access a user has to information in an application

Access all this content and more at Quick Base University – included with your Quick Base subscription!



We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments and as such, each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue ID Description
QBE012254 We corrected an issue with signing in to Quick Base University for organizations using SAML authentication.
QBE012418 Date/time fields that are set to show time zone now save changes correctly when using grid edit.
QBE012439 We fixed an issue with the Preferences page for when a user does not have a group or domain group
QBE012354 App names containing commas now display correctly when brought into the Realm Reporting app.

Quick Base Automations, the new my Apps page, and a new create an app flow will all be available on Monday, May 21, 2018. The rest of the features and fixes listed in these release notes will be available starting May 20, 2018.

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