May 2016 Release Notes

Quick Base News
Apr 21, 2016
3 Min Read

The merry month of May is full of good things -- Mother's Day, Maypoles, Cinco de Mayo.  And not least, a brand new release of QuickBase!
Create multi-field refresh keys for CSV-connected tables

Typically, when you sync to a CSV table, you select a single field as the Refresh Key. With this release, you can combine up to three additional fields, if necessary, to create a unique refresh key.

QuickSearch searches only fields displayed in a table report

With this release, searching in a table report using the search box will now search only the fields displayed in the report, instead of searching through all the fields in your table.



What's Fixed in QuickBase?

Here's what we fixed this month.

ID Issue
none If a CSV file contained null characters, QuickBase failed when it refreshed a connected table. With this release, the refresh ignores the null characters and works correctly.
none We’ve enhanced two QuickBooks Online data sources — "Purchase Orders - Line Items" and "Bill - Line Items", to make it easier to create relationships with other QuickBooks Online connected tables.
QBE010511 We’ve updated the account transfer process so that if the app is transferred by an account admin, the previous app manager receives an email alert.

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