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Feb 3, 2011
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One of the most useful, yet underutilized features of QuickBase is the ability to create custom dashboards.

What is a dashboard in QuickBase?

Think about what you see when you get behind the wheel of your car. You'll see modules that report on your current speed, fuel level, important warning and status indicators, and buttons that allow you to perform various functions. QuickBase dashboards are intended to create a very similar experience! Dashboards give application administrators the ability to present their users with the data views and workflow shortcuts they need as they work with, and navigate through QuickBase.

QuickBase applications can have has many custom dashboards as needed to get the job done. The most common use is to create a dashboard for each group of users or individual user roles. Dashboards can also be dynamic, allowing for many users to view the same dashboard with customized data for each individual.

Elements of a dashboard.

You may choose to display several reports, maybe a welcome message, some buttons or links to common tasks, or even a list of instructions for users to follow as they view and work within the application. To start creating dashboards, click on “Customize” on the main menu, then ”Application”, and on the “Settings” tab click on ”Pages”. You can modify existing dashboards or create new ones.

Once you are in the dashboard customization screen you will be able to list all the reports in the application on the left column if you wish, or simply select "Hide" to remove that element from your screen. In the main column you have the ability to display up to three reports of your choosing. Select the reports that make sense for the user by thinking of what info they would need to see when they log in. This could include a report that shows all of the overdue tasks, new unassigned trouble tickets, summary of tasks by project and task status, or even a queue of new sales leads.

Use buttons to expand dashboard capabilities.

Need more than three reports in your dashboard? While you can only display three reports in the main column, you might utilize the buttons section at the top right of the screen to either link to a specific report, or even a second dashboard page with three more reports listed. I like the idea of having three dashboards linked together to create a past, present, and future view of the world. Create a dashboard that hosts reports for things that have happened in the past, a dashboard with reports that show what is currently happening, and a dashboard with reports showing what is going to happen in the future. Using the buttons section will allow you to link to past and future from your main dashboard that shows the present. Buttons are a great way to expand the capability of dashboards, giving you more space to see what you need to see.

Add a personal message.

Dashboards also have a text section option that can be added in the main column. The text sections offer a full featured word processing module allowing for the adjusting of fonts, font size, font color, etc. and can be utilized for simple welcome messages, application descriptions, or even instructions for users to see when they visit the application. Text sections can also be utilized for listing additional reports or pages within QuickBase or even hyperlinks to outside websites or other online resources. You could even create links that help users with common, everyday functions like adding records or uploading files.

Utilize full HTML and JavaScript.

Perhaps the most secret feature of all when it comes to dashboards is the ability to utilize full HTML and JavaScript within a text section. This allows application administrators to design and implement a more graphical interface on the dashboard with functions and scripts that can really lead to unlimited possibilities and increased control on what a user can see and do from the main dashboard page.

Are you ready to take QuickBase to the next level? Would you like to make it easier for your users to navigate and work within QuickBase applications? Start working on your own dashboards right now. Find more information about dashboards with this online help topic.

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