Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a (QSP) Match!

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Nov 10, 2011
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Have you ever sat there imaging what you could do with QuickBase; but didn’t know exactly how to get from point A to point B? Or perhaps, you have some application building to get done and you want to find someone to bring your vision to reality versus spending the cycles doing it yourself. If yes, then let me introduce you to our QuickBase Solution Providers (QSPs). QSPs are 3rd party business consultants and/or developers who combined have hundreds of years of QuickBase experience that you can tap to help you create the QuickBase solutions of your dreams. Now it’s easier than ever to find the perfect QSP for your business with our new self-serve tool that matches you with QSPs based on key criteria.


When to engage a QSP

Before I get into the how to find the right QSP, let’s talk about when you might want to leverage their talents. A great time to connect with a QSP is when you know you have a specific business or technical need. For example, you’re looking for some assistance with:

  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integrations with other software
  • Training
  • Support

Or perhaps, you might need a QuickBase expert who can code in html, javascript, PHP or ruby skills in order to further extend your QuickBase application.


Finding the right QSP

As I mentioned, we recently launched a new self-serve tool to help you find the right QSP for your QuickBase development needs. The QSP directory can be accessed from the QuickBase website or via the ‘Help’ drop down within QuickBase.

Here’s how to use the tool to find your QSP:

Step 1: Search for a partner by specialization, by region and/or by native language. The criteria you select will dynamically modify the list of QSP results that are returned.

Step 2: Browse the results & click through on each QSP description to learn more.

Step 3: If you’re interested in being contacted by the QSP select ‘Contact Partner’ and complete the form.

Step 4: The respective QSP will receive that request directly and follow up with you to discuss your solution needs further.

Did you also know we now have an improved QSP Add On list! An ‘Add On’ is a tool that further extends QuickBase functionality (i.e . email integration, QuickBooks Integration, exact forms, ganttcharts, etc.) As you can see in the screenshot below, you can browse by Add On category to find the solution you’re looking for and you can connect with the QSP to learn more. Note: Most QSP product offerings require some level of customization work to implement and pricing varies for each.

All QSPs have unique capabilities and offerings. They will charge you per their pricing model. The best way to find out how much a QSP might cost is to discuss your project needs directly with the QSP offering their services.

Use our directory to get connected with the right QSP today!

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