March 2016 Release Notes

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Mar 10, 2016
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No patch of lucky four leaf clovers or a pot o’ gold here, but you’re sure to work some magic using our March 20, 2016 release.


Specify a report for chart and summary drilldowns

With this release, you can specify which report is used when clicking through to a specific set of information from chart and summary reports. Previously, only the default report was used to show this information.


You can also disable drilldown from a chart or summary report by choosing not to specify a report.

Reports specified in this way are indicated by a drilldown icon on report lists in app and table settings. If the report is deleted, the chart or summary report it was used for will revert to using the default report for drilldown.


Re-arrange filter criteria

Now you can re-arrange filter criteria while editing reports, notifications, and reminders, and on Advanced Search forms. Since QuickBase processes filter criteria sequentially, this can improve performance, especially for complicated queries on large data sets. For best performance, order the criteria to filter out the largest number of records first.

Click the blue highlight on a filter row to select it, then use the controls on the left to move the row up or down in the list of filter criteria.

Filter Recorder

Filter rows may be moved up and down only within their level of indentation. It is also possible to select an entire filter set and move the set up or down.

Click the selection highlight or use any of the controls on the right side of the filter row to de-select it.


Send subscriptions to a list of users

Now you can send report subscriptions to a specific list of QuickBase users. Just choose to deliver the subscription to A list of users, and fill in a list of email addresses, user names, or group names.

In addition, the Select Roles option is now called Users in specific roles to improve the readability of the section.


Email file attachments more easily

There is a new field property for file attachment fields: Allow open access. Select this checkbox to allow non-QuickBase users to access files in that file attachment field from a QuickBase link. Deselect the checkbox to remove open access – all links will once again require signing in to QuickBase before viewing the file.


Notify previous app manager when an app is transferred

When an app is transferred to another app manager, both the new app manager and the previous app manager are notified of the change. An alert email is sent to the previous app manager when the new app manager accepts the transfer.


Improved Sync for CSV file processing

Sync for CSV now reads carriage returns and line feeds in column names within a CSV file and replaces them with spaces in a connected table. Blank rows in a CSV file (rows that are completely empty) do not display in a connected table. 


Reports saved as spreadsheet include column name changes

If you have used the Column Properties dialog to change a column name on a report, that setting will be respected when you save the report as a spreadsheet.

Note that the original field name still appears when you export the table.


Changes to default dynamic filters

If you have chosen Set automatically for the default dynamic filter behavior, the first five filterable fields will be used as default dynamic filters for all users. If a user does not have access to one or more of those filterable fields, it will not be available as a dynamic filter on reports they view.


Fixed issues

We've also fixed these issues:

Issue ID Description
QBE10440 If you listed 50 choices in a Multi-select Text field options list, an error displayed indicating that more than 50 choices were specified. This issue has been resolved.
QBE10453 If an Address field was set to be Read Only on a form and it was the target within a form rule, then the Address field was editable. This issue has been resolved.
QBE10457 When QuickSearch results included a button to add a child record, clicking the button and saving a new child record returned a code page. This issue has been resolved.
QBE10467 Clicking a link in a summary report displayed a filtered table report, but the option to customize the report was not available. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE10490  Extra icons appeared on the right side of the Share With a New User dialog. This issue has been resolved.

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