Managing Fast Growth in the Solar Industry

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Nov 17, 2014
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Managing Fast Growth in the Solar Industry

Managing Fast Growth in the Solar IndustryEnabled by Sales Management Apps and IT Management Software from Intuit QuickBase

Solar panel installations have tripled in the past three years, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, and continue to grow rapidly.

In southern California, Sullivan Solar Power is leading the solar power revolution. One of the fastest-growing solar installers in the industry, Sullivan Solar Power has grown from a scrappy startup to a $30 million company in just a few years.

Growth is good, naturally, but managing growth can be a challenge. At Sullivan Solar Power, managing an exploding volume of leads became increasingly difficult with a spreadsheet-based system, which was both inconsistent (some leads were called by multiple sales reps, others by none) and impossible to report on.

To scale with its ambitions, Sullivan Solar Power built a sales management app on Intuit QuickBase. The app helped streamline the lead-to-close process and organize key data so sales leaders can run robust reports. Best of all, Sullivan Solar Power was able to get this app up and running quickly, with no coding required.

“We’ve had very rapid growth over the past 10 years, and we certainly would not be here today without QuickBase,” says Mike Chagala, Director of IT for Sullivan Solar Power.

As it continued to grow, Sullivan Solar Power looked to expand its use of QuickBase into a platform in which all of its key applications communicate and share the same data. To help build out its solution, the company turned to Sympo, a QuickBase Solution Provider with deep experience in building process-based systems.

Within a few months, Sullivan Solar Power was powering its entire sales process from QuickBase. Leads generated online automatically populate new records in QuickBase, which are then assigned to sales reps using a “round robin” process. Data from the front-to-back process is all captured in QuickBase and can be used to generate deeply insightful reports.

“Sympo spoke our language. As soon as they came on board, things really started to happen,” says Chagala.

In the future, Chagala hopes to get even more out of QuickBase by integrating it more deeply with the company’s website — for example displaying a running counter of how many kilowatts of electricity Sullivan Solar Power’s installations have generated. It’s all part of a growing system that maximizes efficiency while minimizing waste —  something Sullivan Solar Power does best.

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