Making an Impact: the Power of Networking at EMPOWER2018

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Feb 22, 2018
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Making an Impact: the Power of Networking at EMPOWER2018

Making an Impact: the Power of Networking at EMPOWER2018


Our annual EMPOWER conference is not just an opportunity to network with individuals from different businesses, but also a chance to learn helpful tips and strategies your company can implement through hands-on, impactful, training sessions. Past EMPOWER attendees have been able to drive business outcomes, experience the power of a strong Quick Base network, and notice a positive impact on their work lives.

One customer, Joe Lichtefeld from ResCare, has attended every EMPOWER so far. He told us that he loves going to EMPOWER because, “I learned about new features coming that will make many of our Quick Base applications better and learned new things about what was already available that I had not used before. The knowledge that you can gain by interacting with other users of the product is invaluable.”

We believe the tools you use at work should ultimately make your life easier.  Quick Base customers and EMPOWER attendees strive to make a positive impact in their work lives and look for actionable takeaways to hit the ground running when they return from the conference.

Tyler Kipps of MedeOps says, “Being at EMPOWER inspires me to use Quick Base more and to find new ways to use it. It's impossible to come home after four days of all Quick Base all the time and not want to use it more (and better).”

Many of our customers find success by collaborating with others to come up with new app ideas or app improvements within their own organizations, and what better time to extend your network and capture new ideas than during EMPOWER?

Janet Plumley of CCI Systems shares, “I come away with ideas that I want to share with our Citizen Developers, features I want to implement in production apps as well as apps in development. There are ideas I want to share as Proof of Concept to new Product Owners that are new to Quick Base.”

Tyler Kipps, MedeOps says, “It's a great conference. It's very well organized. There's a lot of content - and a variety of content. If you want to learn, if you want to passively absorb, if you like participating, there's something for everyone. The breakout sessions are great - it's so interesting seeing all the different ways people use Quick Base.”

The first step to improvement is taking action, and after being surrounded by hundreds of other Quick Base builders and employees, you’ll walk away with ideas and inspiration to apply to your own job and Quick Base apps.  We can’t wait to see you in Austin!


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