LexisNexis Accelerates Work Order Approvals - QuickBase & DocuSign

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Feb 24, 2014
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The Global Sourcing Team at LexisNexis processes 80-100 Work Orders or Change Requests each month, plus over 3,000 related invoices. With a team of only eight full time employees, efficiency is a priority for us.

Last year we set out to address challenges around how we manage and track our Work Orders and Change Requests and their related invoices. We had been using multiple disparate Microsoft Excel files to manage these documents, which meant we had no centralized, secure repository for them. This made it very difficult to analyze our committed spend with vendors, the financial impact of new commitments, resource redundancy, or the timeliness and accuracy of invoices.

We needed a solution that could be customized for our specific workflow. This would include the ability to allow multiple users to update the system concurrently, and to automate the signature process to streamline approvals. We also had to meet strict compliance standards to address auditor concerns, report proper accrual amounts, produce process documentation, and store all key data in a secure location.

After evaluating multiple solutions, including Microsoft Access, we chose to implement a solution built on the Intuit QuickBase platform. We selected QuickBase because we could customize it to our workflow and processes and allow for multiple concurrent users globally. QuickBase also enabled us to build customized dashboards and personalized workflow for each end-user role, and to report to upper management through standard reports.

Most importantly, QuickBase gave us the ability to integrate with other systems to improve productivity. Our partners at Juiced Technologies not only created the custom workflows we needed in QuickBase, but also integrated an electronic signature process with DocuSign, allowing us to streamline the work order approval process (which requires several signatures from multiple levels of the organization) from approximately 3.5 weeks to 3.5 days. In fact, we were able to get one Work Order completed, with five signers in multiple states, in just four minutes.

With help from Juiced Technologies, we were able to bring our app from development to launch in just two months. Since then, we are more productive than ever, and several groups within LexisNexis are evaluating working with Intuit QuickBase and Juiced Technologies to improve their own processes.

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