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Aug 16, 2005
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Hi everyone! I am Rob Donahue, one of the Application Specialists here at QuickBase. We often find that some "long time" QuickBase Users do not always take advantage of the newer features of QuickBase. Instead they "stick to what they know".

What a shame to think that folks are not using Conditional Summary Fields, Grid Edit, Reminders, or Time Zone features!

Do you find yourself falling into this group? I encourage you to take advantage of the Updates we post under QuickBase News on the My QuickBase page. This is a great place to see what we have added to the latest release and those prior.

Here are some examples of how we used the Summary Fields: In Sales we totaled the number of related Sales Activities to each account. We also, added them to the Manage Multiple Projects template to show the actual Start Date and End Date of a Project. I recently helped a customer compare a 'Total # of Tasks' summary field with a 'Total # of Completed Tasks' summary field to determine the 'Percent Complete' of a particular Project.

Have you used Summary Fields or another new feature? If so, let us know of some innovative uses.

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