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Apr 29, 2010
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Complinet has been providing a complete range of risk-based compliance information and technology solutions for more than ten years, and serves over 1900 firms, large and small, in financial services, across 81 countries. In 2008, Andrew Jordan joined the Company as CIO and has been leading a Software-less Desktop revolution ever since. With over 200 employees located throughout the world –London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney - he saw the constraints and challenges desktop systems were posing. In effort to streamline systems, improve visibility and collaboration his team evaluated various SaaS vendors and ultimately chose Intuit’s database software – QuickBase.

“Because Complinet has a global presence - we have lots of geographically dispersed teams – right away it was evident that we needed to eliminate cumbersome VPN systems and achieve some better form of connectivity. I started by looking at workflow across the business – there was a combination of spreadsheets, Gantt charts, project planning tools, etc. With information residing in different systems – it was going to be impossible to operate seamlessly,” Andrew reflected.

Some of the challenges that came with these siloed, desktop tools were:

  • Version control and data accuracy issues
  • Poor insight into what’s happening across the business
  • Inefficient project delivery resulting from limited critical path insight
  • Inefficient resource allocation due to limited visibility into availability
  • Limited insight into real project costs, specifically around time and money

Creating applications for every department

Following a 3 month evaluation - which included vendors like @Task and Saleforce.com, Andrew and team decided that the online database solution, QuickBase would ultimately deliver the best value for their organization. They saw the opportunity to use QuickBase for far more things than just project management. Today, offline and on premise solutions at Complinet are being replaced with the online database apps for customer service and client delivery, as well as internal help desk management.

“QuickBase delivers the best value for the money and is flexible enough to address so many of our information and business process management needs.”

With 140 user licenses today, Andrew expects to see that number increase to 300 in the upcoming months. With continued expansion into different markets staying connected is more an important than ever – their development center in India will be using QuickBase to track all development projects and the new data processing center in Sri Lanka will be using QuickBase to track  workload, give visibility into how long projects are taking and also help manage time spent on projects.

“One key feature is the roles and permissions functionality QuickBase offers, allowing us to prevent certain users from accidently deleting or unintentionally altering content they should only really have access and visibility into. Having that security brings a certain level of confidence to the team, knowing that key data can be preserved and protected,” said Andrew.


Since transitioning to QuickBase, Complinet has experienced:

  • 25% increase in team productivity
  • More accurate project planning and resource allocation
  • Better cost tracking with newly implemented time and materials model
  • Staggering improvements in delivery speed and transparency
  • Saved time – reports that once took a full week, now only take a ½ hour
  • Improved confidence in data validity

Did you know QuickBase could be used as a platform for a variety of applications? How does QuickBase help your team get the visibility it needs into key data?

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