Leading Productivity Experts Join Forces - Online Round Table Recap

Jul 30, 2014
4 Min Read

What do you get when you bring three of the world's leading productivity experts together for a free online round table discussion? Incredible return on your time investment.

Webinar host, personal branding expert, Dan Schawbel, was joined by David Allen Company CEO, Mike Williams; Time Management Ninja blogger, Craig Jarrow; and Productivity501's Mark Shead for an unprecedented hour of time saving, organization, prioritization and goal setting advice to help you increase your productivity and make sure your work/life balance has plenty of LIFE at the end of the day.

As each took turns sharing their most valuable tips for improving your ability to get more done while staying focused on the right priorities (not to mention getting home at a reasonable hour after work), they took invaluable cues from one another to expound on each other's thoughts and tips, exponentially increasing the takeaways from this event.

Some of the individual questions our panelists answered included the following, and I've included where in the OnDemand Recording you can fast forward to get those particular responses.

  • For Mark Shead: How do you balance being productive today, while investing in yourself for the future? (1:23) [More from Mark Shead at Productivity501]
  • For Mike Williams: With the work you've done with your David Allen Company (GTD clients), what is one actionable tip you would offer to our audience to help them improve their productivity? (2:10) [Additional GTD Resources]
  • For Craig Jarrow: Technology is supposed to improve our productivity. With so much new technology, some seemingly dragging down workplace productivity, how can we better use technology to get our work done? (3:28) [More from TimeManagementNinja]
Some other questions the panelist as a group tackled included:
  1. What is one thing that can get in the way of your productivity and how do you get around it? (5:05)
  2. What is the best way to set goals so that you can work to achieve them daily? (6:30)
  3. What are some of your top ways to create better work habits? (9:15)
  4. What does your typical day look like and what actions do you take so you’re able to be as productive as possible? (15:50) Also, learn about Mike's favorite list, "Before I walk through the door" and how it can help improve your work/life balance. (24:30)
  5. What are some ways to stop procrastinating and start focusing? (25:20)
  6. How do you make sure you always finish what you start? (35:40)
  7. How can you best use your time to get the important things done in your life every day? (41:30)

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