Kodak Gallery Manages Website Operations with QuickBase

Jan 26, 2011
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How often do you get an opportunity to implement a process that will dramatically improve your company’s business results?  That is just the opportunity Robert Diroll discovered when he joined Kodak Gallery as Director of Site Marketing.

The Challenge

Together with Rich Johnston, Sr. Web Developer, Rob observed that the site marketing team responsible for Kodak Gallery’s merchandising Website had no process or visibility into managing the approval, prioritizing and scheduling of projects.  As a result, time for approvals and deployments were slow, communication was difficult, and the tasks were driving the strategy for the site rather than the site strategy driving the tasks.

The Site Marketing Team managed the deployment of other marketing teams’ offers and updates to the site, managed multivariate testing on the site to improve conversions, and required a process for prioritizing and scheduling these various updates, offers and tests.  With many constituents in Marketing and Product Marketing both in the US and Europe relying on the team to deploy offers and updates, and complicated by the move to a new platform, the team spent an inordinate amount of time prioritizing, approving and controlling the flow of projects.

Rob and Rich knew exactly what was required to increase productivity of the team, ensure offers were sound, and deliver a faster time to market.  They needed a tight operational process that would provide visibility into requests and projects, and control over the scheduling and deployment.  Rob and Rich evaluated the problem and developed an operational process that uniquely met the needs for the Kodak Gallery marketing organizations.  The key to their success would be getting the process automated and broadly adopted.

The Solution

They evaluated three packaged products already in use internally but quickly realized that no single product could meet their requirements especially around automation, alerts and notifications, and customizable forms.  They needed a way to create a custom solution to implement their process; not fit their process to work with a packaged product.  In addition, it needed to be cost effective, fast to deploy, and require no IT development or maintenance.

Rob and Rich turned to QuickBase and developed an application first for project reviews, then expanded it to include an approval process linked to scheduling, and finally added a document library for multivariate tests.  Since then, they built another application for event management and survey data, further leveraging QuickBase at no additional cost.

The Results

Rob and Rich’s best in class operational process, powered by their QuickBase application, has yielded tremendous results for the Kodak Gallery merchandising site.  Offers are approved 80% faster with a one day turnaround.  The Site Marketing team is 25-30% more efficient because all teams have visibility into the planning calendar and have assets in place when required.  Together, these improvements put the Site Marketing team on track to deliver 20% faster time to market.  And as leaders in their organization, Rob and Rich know that the offers deployed are sound, and that they are making clear choices and decisions informed by the strategy.

What will they tackle next?  With the ability to identify opportunities to improve results, and a platform like QuickBase that cost effectively scales to meet a wide variety of requirements, Rob and Rich plan to find new ways QuickBase can be applied at Kodak Gallery to keep them delivering a best in class experience for their customers.

In this video, Rich goes into greater detail on the challenge and solution Kodak built with QuickBase:


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