June 2017 Release Notes

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Jun 8, 2017
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We’re fresh from an inspiring EMPOWER2017 conference and heading into summer. To help empower you to turn your ideas into action, we’re releasing some great new features, including Quick Base Sync for Exchange, the ability to search for fields directly in the field picker, separate permissions for Import/Export and Grid Edit, and more! Updated August 2.


Bring email messages into Quick Base using Sync for Exchange

Log customer communication, collect leads or requests, fulfill orders, and more by syncing email messages from Microsoft Exchange into a Quick Base connected table. Bringing emails directly into Quick Base using Quick Base Sync for Exchange saves time and reduces data entry errors.

To connect to Exchange, create a new connected table:

You can select the Exchange email folder you want to connect to and choose the fields you want to bring into your connected table. You can connect to standard folders (e.g., Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts), as well as custom folders you’ve created. Sync brings in email messages as individual records in your connected table. Like all Quick Base connected tables, you can filter messages and choose how frequently you want to sync.

For more information on creating a connected table, follow these instructions.


New Version of Salesforce API for connected tables

We’ve updated to Salesforce API v39 for connecting Quick Base tables to Salesforce. You may notice some minor changes, such as the availability of new fields in some tables. For information about Salesforce API v39, please refer to the Salesforce documentation.


Search for fields directly in the field picker

Have large numbers of fields in your app? You can now search for the field you want, right in the field picker. Whether you’re adding a formula, defining a calculated column for a report, or creating an email notification, we’ve made finding the fields you need quicker and easier.

For example, when you're adding a formula, you can hover over the Fields & Functions picker and insert field references and function signatures. Now, in addition to selecting this field from a dropdown list, you can also search for the field right in the field picker.

Similarly, when creating a report and defining a calculated column, insert a field or function now includes search capability. For more information about defining a calculated column, click here.

You can also use the new searchable field picker when you create an email notification.


Set separate permissions for Import/Export and Grid Edit

Quick Base roles and permissions provide fine-tuned ability to tailor a user's access to view and edit data. Now you can separately limit access based on a user’s role to the Import/Export feature and Grid Edit mode.

Use the new Hide Import/Export Links column on the Manage Users page to limit access to import/export features. To control the Grid Edit feature, use the Hide Multi-record Options column.


Set the default view for your app to mobile or desktop

If you prefer users to access your app in mobile or desktop view, you can use our new Default View setting to optimize your users’ experience. You can set this default view at the app level for all your users, regardless of what device they are using. Users can change the view.

teardrop_blueTo change the view:

  • On a mobile device with a default desktop view, click the phone icon on the global bar.
  • On a desktop with a default view of mobile click the menu icon, and then click full site.

The Default View setting does not affect app admins, who will continue to view the app as they do today.


Administering Quick Base at scale: Pagination now on the Manage Users page

Do you have large numbers of users and need to set bulk controls? Managing users is easier now that we’ve added pagination to the Manage Users page. View a limited number of users per page and set controls for only the users on that page. Quick Base now defaults to display 500 users per page. You can display 1000 users if you prefer.

To navigate through the pages, scroll to the bottom and click the arrows or enter the page you want to go to.


What's Fixed in Quick Base?

We continue to focus on quality. Here are the issues we fixed this month.

Issue ID Description
QBE004849 API_DeleteDatabase now allows all app administrators to delete tables in the app. Previously only app administrators who were also the app manager could delete tables using this API. This issue has been resolved.
QBE007442 In reports, clicking on More shows you an expanded URL. If a user created a report, then later deleted one of the fields in this report that is displayed as a column, the expanded URL would still show the deleted fields when the report was re-run. This issue has been resolved.
QBE009714 In reports, filtering by a facet that contained the words "AND" or "OR" would fail. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010971 Mobile only: The "now" date was not picking up the DD-MM-YYYY date format specified in a Quick Base app. It was displaying as MM-DD-YYYY instead. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011134 If a table’s key field was a User field that was also the reference field from another table, a New button displayed next to that field when adding a record. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011195 In the Reports List widget, links still worked even when a user was editing the dashboard. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011275 Mobile only: When a user selected checkboxes in Grid Edit mode on a mobile device, the selections did not save. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE011293 The Test as Role icon was not visible on the permissions page. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011305 In a newer version of the Chrome browser, field labels were wrapping incorrectly. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011310 On the Manage Users page, Everybody on the internet appeared as a link to some users. The link has been removed. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011323 Report links/embedded reports and summary field links did not work when the key field was a text field whose value contained the words "AND" or "OR." This issue has been resolved.
QBE011324 For certain types of report and charts, the drilldown wasn't working when the text field had a value that contained the words "AND" or "OR" and the report or chart was grouped by a text field. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011326 When a user creates a new relationship, Quick Base automatically creates an embedded report on the main form. This report included an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar by default. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011329 When a user attempted to edit related records using a Quick Base Action, the action failed if the target table’s key field was not Record ID#. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011342 In Test as a User mode, formulas (checkboxes, numeric, etc.) did not work. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011344 On the Manage Users page, we’ve changed the name of the Date Invited column to Date Added since the date fills in automatically when a user is added, even if an invitation is not sent. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011349 When a user attempted to re-save a personal or common report that had two spaces in a row in its name, the false error message of "a personal / common report with this name already exists" would appeared. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011355 The API guide had a few typos and inconsistencies, which were identified and fixed. This issue has been resolved.
QBE011369 Sometimes a blank section header caused a large gap between sections on a form. This issue has been resolved.
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