June 2016 Release Notes

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Jun 2, 2016
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The lazy days of summer are fast approaching! Before you dash to the beach to catch some rays, two tips. First, don’t forget your sun screen! Second, take a few minutes to learn about the great features and fixes that are coming your way in our June release.


Formula fields can be used as dynamic filters

Suppose your Project Status is determined by a formula field (say, Date) and you want to filter
a report dynamically with this field. Previously, you couldn’t use a formula field as a dynamic filter, but now you can. With this update, if you can use a field as a dynamic filter, you can use a formula field of the same type as a dynamic filter.

This has been a highly requested feature on our customer feedback forum and we’re excited to deliver it to you with this release.


Choose a custom drilldown report for numeric summary fields

You can now choose a report or chart to show when a user drills down on a numeric summary field.  Let’s say you have a summary field in a form that displays the total number of hours of tasks remaining on a project. When a user clicks the summary field, a pie chart could open to show those hours grouped by assigned team member.

You’ll find the Drilldown behavior option on the Properties settings page for the numeric summary field.



Option to hide totals and average rows in reports

Sometimes you want to display a report without a Totals and Average footer even though some of the fields in the report have properties that call for totals and averages to be displayed. This option -- available on the report’s Settings page -- overrides those property settings and will not display them.


API updates

  • API_GETSCHEMA When you invoke API_GETSCHEMA on a table dbid, the call always returns the key field ID (key_fid) and individual record names.
  • API_GrantedDBs will have a new parameter (realmAppsOnly) which, when set to “true,” will return only the apps in the realm the call is being made against. We expect this change to be released in a patch in a week or so and will update the release notes at that time.

Connect to more QuickBooks Online data

Create connected tables that bring in more of your QuickBooks Online data, optimized for use with QuickBase.
The Invoices – Line Items data set now includes 9 more fields:

  • Payment Account Name
  • Payment Account ID
  • Reference ID (aka EntityRefValue)
  • Class ID
  • Item Name (Item-based expenses)
  • Item ID (Item-based expenses)
  • Unit Price (Item-based expenses)
  • Quantity (Item-based expenses)
  • Account ID (Account-based expenses)


Changed behavior for printing or saving timeline reports

If one user displays a report, and then another user adds a new record that would also be displayed in the first user's report, when the first user prints or saves the report as a CSV file, the report will not contain the newly added record.


What's Fixed in QuickBase?

Here's what we fixed this month.

ID Issue
QBE008224 Adding a form rule that made particular fields required may also put a red asterisk next to text sections on the form (not fields) where the text element's id matched the id of the required field. This issue has been resolved.
QBE008857 When a timeline report used a resolution of Week/Day, the bars of the report were shifted to the left by one day. This issue has been resolved.
QBE009555 When dynamic filters on a table's home page was turned off and there was no search box enabled for users, the search box would re-appear after you edited a record from the table home page. This issue has been resolved.
QBE009702 (Internet Explorer 11) Using the Text widget to upload an image or create a hyperlink caused the browser to freeze. This issue has been resolved.
QBE009851 Depending on the field type of the first element on a form, the form's focus was applied inconsistently. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010407 When an app home page report was displayed in full window mode, the horizontal scroll bar was not shown. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010526 Using the Search box above a report searched all fields in the table. Now it will only search the fields shown in the report.
QBE010569 Editing a URL link or button on an app home page that contained some special characters caused the browser to freeze and consume excessive memory. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010578 For a table home page showing a filtered report, the filters were applied inconsistently on returning to the report after drilling down into records. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010582 When a QuickBase shortcut was added to the home screen from the mobile site, the shortcut's icon was Intuit-branded. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010530 Previously, when inviting users to an app through the Import Users functionality from the Manage Users page, there was no way to customize the subject of the invitation that would be sent. You can now customize the subject of the invitation for existing users similar to inviting them directly from the Manage Users page.


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