January 2018 Release Notes

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Jan 11, 2018
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Start the new year off right with an updated desktop experience that makes Quick Base easier to use. The new interface is part of our continuing investment in a modern, streamlined product experience. Our January release also includes enhancements to the new Manage All Users page, the option of adding real-time error checking for date formulas, and more.

The January release of Quick Base, including the features and fixes listed in these release notes, is available starting Sunday, January 21, 2018.


Updated Desktop Experience

We’ve updated our desktop experience with a clean, modern interface. The new look enhances readability while preserving the amount of data that displays on your pages. The interface now also matches our new Quick Base brand, updated to better reflect Quick Base’s leadership in custom app building for business professionals.

Sample app home page:


Sample table home page:


Since we are not making changes to how features work, we expect the updated desktop experience to be an easy transition for customers. This update is the first in a series of ongoing user interface improvements as we simplify the experience and make Quick Base even easier to use.

Note: Interface elements created with formula rich text fields should preserve their functions, but may display differently. Custom branding should continue to work as before.

The new interface also includes more than 70 new options for table icons. Below are some examples of these new icons.


Search more effectively and view more info in Manage All Users

The new Manage All Users page, launched in December, consolidates all information for the users in your account/realm in a single page. Now, you can find information on this page more effectively with new search options. We’ve changed the search so it looks for each search term separated by spaces. For example, if you have 10 email addresses to find, just paste them into the search box and, if those addresses are in your account/realm, they will show up in the results.

You can also enclose several search terms in quotes to look for that phrase, exactly as it appears. Search is available on the first six columns of the Manage All Users grid.

In addition, we’ve added more user information to the User Info panel: Registration status and, if you’re using single sign-on for Quick Base authentication, External Auth ID. We’ve also enabled the Realm Approved checkbox on the panel; Check it to give a user Approved status in the realm, or un-check to remove this status. (For more info on realm approval status, click here )


Quick Base administrators can access this new page from links on the My Apps page and the Manage Billing Account page. We’d like to hear how Manage All Users works for administrators.


Opt-In: Create date formulas more efficiently with real-time error checking

App builders creating date formulas will be able to opt-in to our new, real-time error tracking for our formula language. With this feature, there’s no need to write the whole formula and then save it. You can see if each line of a formula is correctly formatted as you enter it; Click the icon to view the specific error message.

Adding real-time error checking for Formula-date fields is the first step in making it available for all formula types.

As of January 21, 2018, you can opt in to the new real-time error checking for date formulas by opening a support case. Our care team will turn on the feature in your realm


New feature in action:

[video width="928" height="209" mp4="https://www.quickbase.com/quickbase-blog/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/01/animated_GIF_date_formula.mp4"][/video]


New content added to Quick Base University

Quick Base Certification: Validate your Quick Base skills with certification
Registration for Quick Base certifications is free until the end of January 2018. Two new certifications are offered: App Builder and Expert Builder.  Use the promo code qbcert when you register.

Certification details can be found at Quick Base University.

New and updated eLearning Courses:

A new eLearning course will be released in January 2018:

  • FF09 - Customizing App and Table Home Pages—Learn how to create and customize app, table, and secondary home pages and assign roles.

Two updated Best Practice courses will be released in January 2018:

  • B02: Best Practices - Planning Your App
  • B03: Best Practices - Mapping Your Business Process

Access eLearning from the MyApps page or directly at https://university.quickbase.com/


Also in this release

  • We’ve switched to a new search engine provider for our in-product help to make it easier for you to find relevant information quickly.
  • When an account/realm admin grants the “Allowed to create apps” permission to a user from the new Manage All Users page, the user will now receive an email informing them of this change. This new feature makes granting that permission on the Manage All Users page consistent with the experience on the Manage Billing Account page.
  • We added the ability for realm admins to limit the number of concurrent active user sessions (separate times a user logs into Quick Base). For example, if a realm admin sets a session limit of 3 and a user opens a fourth session, the oldest session will close automatically. This session limit can be set under sign-in polices on the Policies tab of the Manage Realm page.
  • The Everyone on the Internet group can be assigned any role within a Quick Base app. Users in the Everyone on the Internet group who do not have a Quick Base login, however, can no longer access the admin-level permissions to “manage all users and share the app” or “edit app structure and permissions.”


What’s fixed in Quick Base?

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments and as such, each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue ID Description
QBE011989 Form rules set to change rich text fields to a value now work properly.
QBE011990 When a rich text field value is updated, the background color now changes to yellow to indicate changes.
QBE011991 We fixed an issue where formula rich text fields were not updating until a form was saved.
QBE012000 We added a time limit of 6 months to the API_Authenticate call. This limit only applies to new tickets.
QBE012016 If you create a new record and your form contains both a rich text field set to track changes and an editable report in the form properties, the rich text field value will now save correctly.
QBE012026 Rich text field values now update properly when a form rule makes the field read only.
QBE012036 Calendar reports did not respect the first day of week app setting. For accounts that have opted in to the new calendar feature, this setting is now respected.


The January release of Quick Base, including the features and fixes listed above, is available starting Sunday, January 21, 2018.

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