January 2016 Release Notes

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Jan 15, 2016
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Our new year release is sure to help you keep those resolutions… connect more, find faster, manage better. Take a peek at what we’ve included in our January 24, 2016 release.

Automatically pull in CSV data using QuickBase Sync for CSV

You can create a connected table in your QuickBase app using CSV data stored in Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive.  Any data that you can save in CSV format, from any system, on premise or in the cloud, can automatically refresh in a QuickBase connected table.

If you import business-critical data into your QuickBase app regularly, for example, invoices from an on-premise ERP system, you can automate that process using QuickBase Sync for CSV.

Create a new connected table and connect to a folder containing CSV files in Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Drag and drop to select the fields you want to connect, filter the data you bring into QuickBase, and set a schedule to automatically refresh the data.


To keep in sync with your latest changes, update the CSV file or put a new CSV file in your connected folder, and then refresh your table. Each time your connected table refreshes, we'll use the most recent CSV file in the folder. (We’ll only look at CSV files in your connected folder.)

Change connections when needed

App admins can now switch a connected table to use one of their own connections.

You might want a connected table to use a different connection if the connection owner changes roles, leaves the company, or is not available to change the connection filters or add and remove connected
fields from the table. You may also want to switch connections if another connection, with different access privileges, provides the data you need in the connected table.

To change the connection to use one of your own connections, open the connected table Settings, select the connection, and click Use different connection.


Connect to QuickBooks Online Journal Entries

When connecting to QuickBooks Online, you can select a new optimized data set, Journal Entries - Line Items, in which each line item in the journal entry is represented as a separate row of data.



To choose this option, select Journal Entries - Line Items from the Optimized for QuickBase list.



Improvements to app and table searching

Search widget allows “is equal to” searches

The Search widget can now be configured to match the exact search term entered. App builders may also allow their users to choose whether or not their search should match the exact search term entered.



Global app search allows “is equal to” searches

The search functionality available from the Search button on the Global bar can now be set to match the exact search term entered. This setting causes the app or table search to be performed with the is equal to operator, which is often much faster than the current contains search.

Improved global app search experience

Global app search now returns search results incrementally, and the design of the search results page has changed:



Improvements to the Multi-select Text field

Add more choices

App builders can now configure Multi-select Text fields to allow their users to add more items to the dropdown list of choices. The total number of choices shown in the field cannot exceed 50, and each choice must be 40 characters or less in length.

Use values from another table

App builders can now choose to use a list of values from another table to populate the list of choices shown in a Multi-select Text field. In this case, the number of choices shown in the field can exceed 50.

Note that app users will not be able to select choices that exceed 40 characters in length, even when they appear in the field.

Changes to wording in field properties

The “shared multiple choice” wording used in the help to describe providing a list of values for a field has been changed to “shared value”. We made this change because you can now use values from another table
to provide values to Multi-select Text fields as well as multiple-choice fields.

This wording change affects the Input type options shown in the field properties:

  • Multiple-choice now reads From list
  • Multiple-choice from another field now reads From another field

The wording change also affects an Advanced field property:


now reads: shared_value


Improvements to reporting

More field types have <ask the user> filter option

When you choose <ask the user> as the value for a field in a report filter, QuickBase prompts the user for a value before running the report. In this release, we’ve added <ask the user> as an option for
all QuickBase field types used in filters. You’ll still need to use _ask1_ if you’re filtering on <some field>, <some attached file>, or <calculated column>.


Improvements to emails

View report from Edit Subscription page

When you edit a subscription, QuickBase now shows an icon  display_report_icon to the right of the report named in the subscription. Click the display_report_icon icon to view the report in a new browser tab.

Linked report name on list of automated emails

There is now a Details column on lists of automated emails available through table and app settings.
The column contains information on when the emails will be sent. For subscriptions, this column also contains a link to view the report named in the subscription.


Improvements to form rules

The Dynamic Form Rules tab now offers the option to disable or enable all form rules. Click Disable All to disable all the form rules. If all form rules are disabled, the button changes to Enable All.



Performance bar available to all plans

The Performance Bar is now available to accounts on all QuickBase plans. Read more about this feature.


Improvements to user management

Email addresses visible to app and account admins

App admins can now see email addresses for users in their apps, even if the user has set a user name. This is also the case for account admins and users with access to apps in that account. (QBE010369)

Editing group properties in Manage Users

When you edit properties for a group from the list on the Manage Users page, the group properties page now opens in a new browser tab. (QBE010324)


What's Fixed in QuickBase?

We’re continuing to focus on quality. Here are the issues we resolved this month.

Issue ID Description
QBE008788 After using Save and Add Another to create a new child record, a blank new parent record displayed. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010343 Sorting and grouping on a Text Multiple Choice Lookup field in child table did not honor the order set in the master table (Display choices shown in the order here). This issue has been resolved.
QBE010346 The More menu on the table home page did not contain a link to Print when a Calendar report was defined as the table home page. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010377 When you saved customizations to a report or chart set to be viewed only by certain roles, role settings were cleared and the Temporarily hide this report checkbox was selected. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010378 In a bar chart, if the label for the x-axis of a bar was blank (empty), then the user could not click the bar to drill-down into the sub-report. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010384 If a chart using the Plot axis on a logarithmic scale option contained invalid log values, for example, 0, then the chart did not display. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010385 The ToFormattedText() function did not display separators after three digits. This function now provides the option to display separators after three or four digits. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010394 In a chart, if some data points were blank, labels would appear on the wrong data point. This issue has been resolved.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase?  Share your suggestions by clicking the orange feedback tab on the My Apps page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for Intuit QuickBase forum (http://quickbase.uservoice.com). 

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