Intuit QuickBase Releases the Inaugural 2015 State of Citizen Development Report

Sep 29, 2015
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Study Reveals a New Class of Application Developers as Customers Continue to Embrace Digital Business Transformation

As business process and IT leaders align, employees closest to the problems at hand are becoming increasingly more empowered to build, customize and connect their own applications. These citizen developers work together with IT to design apps tailored to their unique set of requirements while helping reduce IT’s growing application backlog.

Additionally, there is a paradigm shift now occurring in modern application development from early adopters embracing low-code platforms for Citizen Development. These organizations are driving digital transformation throughout their organizations by embracing no code Citizen Developers that help reduce the time to market for new applications and ongoing customizations, increase the ROI of app dev projects, and perhaps most importantly, drive operational efficiencies by solving challenging business problems in the last mile of the application. However, they don’t do this alone and they don’t do it in a vacuum. They partner deeply with IT who oversee the application architecture, maintain account governance standards and continue to have transparency through the life of the application.

Inspired by this trend, Intuit QuickBase set out to learn more about how its own customers were capitalizing on Citizen Development. The team launched the “State of Citizen Development Report” survey at the QuickBase EMPOWER 2015 user conference and received responses from more than 140 attendees. Please feel free to download the free report here.

The results were impressive and show that the perception of what true Citizen Development is, is changing. These respondents weren’t simply IT developers with deep coding expertise getting more efficiency and speed in the app dev process, they were true citizen developers in the line of business. For example, according to the report, only 8% of respondents had traditional coding skills (JAVA, .NET, C++, RUBY, ETC), yet, 68% considered developing apps part of of their day job. But that’s not to say IT professionals are being left out of the process. In fact, the majority (75%) of IT builders indicated that they developed over three quarters of the applications and leave the last mile to their non-coder citizen developer colleagues. It’s the prototyping process between IT and the business that represents the paradigm shift.

This shift has led to impressive results for those using a low code platform for true Citizen Development such as QuickBase. Per the report, (29%) have seen a 2X or more increase in application development speeds. Over three-quarters or (76%) of respondents cited operational efficiencies as the primary reason for using the platform. And a whopping (62%) of Citizen Developers responded that it takes less than 2 weeks for them to complete an application, on average.

While the specific results exceeded our expectations, they are reflective of the business momentum that QuickBase has experienced. In the past year alone, the number of QuickBase users has surpassed 500,000, with more than 5,700 organizations being served and 5.6 million apps created. Furthermore, our customers, on average, have more than 20 active apps per organization. What this demonstrates is not only the growth the QuickBase organization is experiencing, but also the paradigm shift in the way businesses create, manage, and deliver modern business applications such as project and process management, inventory, financial reporting, HR management, CRM / marketing automation, IT asset management / helpdesk, and customer service related applications.

According to Allison Mnookin, Vice President and General Manager, Intuit QuickBase, “customers have built over 5 million apps from project management to customer relationship management, asset tracking, campaign and document management, to name a few. Our data integration vision is to support growing and thriving businesses by enabling them to easily connect with their application ecosystems.”

In an attempt to continue to drive this momentum, Intuit QuickBase just announced its second annual user conference, EMPOWER 2016, taking place May 10-13 in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information and to sign up for email notifications regarding the event visit: We also hope the “State of Citizen Development Report” becomes an annual update of the latest trends as our customers continue to break down the traditional application development and delivery models and lead digital transformation across their organizations.

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