Introductions are in Order

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May 18, 2005
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You know, I started posting to this blog without introducing myself, because I felt as if it would let me talk to you, our customers, more regularly. The “more regularly” part implied that I already talk with you somewhat regularly. Well, yesterday, after I presented our quarterly results to the QuickBase team, I realized, based on our customer growth, many folks reading this wouldn’t know me after all. While I’m delighted with our growth, it also makes me sigh. I love knowing our customers well. I love being able to punctuate my conversations with examples drawn from real people, with real problems solved, and real problems not (yet) solved! I hope this blog helps me connect with that growing list of people important to us… you! Please post your comments; I’ll be reading each one.

With that, let me introduce myself. I’m Jana Eggers, the general manager of QuickBase. I campaigned for this job, as I have a passion for QuickBase. I’m an old programmer (couldn’t call myself an engineer, as I wasn’t that eloquent, nor a hacker, as I wasn’t that creative), who went to "the dark side", a.k.a., the business side, after leaving research science. The techie in me has incredible respect for what QuickBase accomplishes technically, and the business side of me sees the tremendous value of putting the “programming” in the hands of mere mortals. Business users can “develop” an application that perfectly fits their situation, within a timeframe their understandable impatience will tolerate.  Dan Gerawan, president of Gerawan Farming, a large international grower and marketer of stone fruit, said it so well:

Our own team leaders built our application in a week, without any programmers – saving tens of thousands of dollars in development costs. The result is a system that required little training, launched bug-free, and had acceptance on day one.

That’s why I’m here. What about you?

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