Introducing the Age of Agility Podcast – The Stories Behind 2020’s Changing Business Environment

Written By: Matt Lieberson
November 9, 2020
2 min read

The only constant of the business environment in 2020 has been constant change.

In the beginning of our adjustments to this new normal, everybody was leaning on their communities to get a sense of the shape of the world and the direction of business. At Quickbase, we had illuminating conversations with business leaders across industries to learn what was on their minds, how roles changed, and how people reacted to a year of consistent turmoil.

From the realities of remote work, to how jobs have needed to change and how folks have been holding up, keeping in touch with our community through these discussions kept us connected and allowed us to adjust to the uncertainty together. These conversations, coupled with our research in partnership with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services into how leading organizations were embracing digital transformation during this time, gave Quickbase our window into the shifting business world in 2020.

Now that the reality of remote work and distributed teams has set in, the organizations having the most success are the ones that are embracing an agility mindset. With that in mind, we are excited to launch the Age of Agility podcast, a season two of the ‘New Normal.’ We are highlighting the individuals and organizations who are embracing an agility mindset to solve the problems facing the modern business, which seemingly shift daily.

So as we adjust to the future of work and enter the Age of Agility, we connected with industry leaders, IT and business managers, and more to discuss how they are shifting their processes to meet new and changing demands every day.

Check out the trailer for the Age of Agility podcast below, and click here to subscribe to the upcoming season! You can also find the podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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