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Increase Productivity With Commercial Real Estate Software

Written By: Ray Waldron
November 26, 2023
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Managing commercial real estate properties can be an incredibly complex task – especially when your teams rely on traditional tools like spreadsheets and manual processes. Teams must often track hundreds or thousands of leases, monitor occupancy rates, calculate utilities, and meet every deadline for every property. Without the right tools, these tasks can easily overwhelm even the most talented managers.

The right commercial real estate software can help by automating time-consuming workflows and streamlining routine processes. Commercial real estate management software will integrate all existing systems and data sources to provide your teams with a comprehensive view of the portfolio, allowing them to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Superior software will also allow users to customize every tool, report, and interface for the needs of each property and the working style of each team.

As a leading no-code application development platform, Quickbase provides templates and pre-built solutions for commercial real estate software. With Quickbase, users with any level of technical experience can build and customize software solutions to modernize complex workflows.

What’s important in real estate software?

While there are lots of commercial real estate software solutions on the market, the best applications will deliver four key capabilities.

  • Automated workflows. By automating many of the routine, tedious, time-consuming tasks involved in managing properties, your teams can dramatically improve productivity, reduce errors, and enhance job satisfaction for each member of the team.

  • Easy integration. Your teams have a vast amount of data that can help them make smarter decisions. Yet too often, this data exists on disparate platforms and siloed systems. Your commercial real estate software solution must integrate applications and data sources to provide teams with insights based on comprehensive information.

  • Customizable tools. Most off-the-shelf software solutions will be limited in their ability to deliver the exact features and workflows your teams and properties require. To ensure that your software can meet your specific needs, you’ll need a solution that is fully customizable. The best solutions will enable any user to customize the software, rather than requiring the intervention of IT teams.

  • Comprehensive visibility. The right solution will deliver real-time views of the business and every property, including the status of leases, contracts, maintenance requests, occupancy rates, insurance coverage, energy consumption, and profitability.

Commercial real estate software from Quickbase

Quickbase is a Dynamic Workplace Management platform that uses no-code technology that empowers your teams to easily create, connect, and customize software to solve business challenges, address visibility gaps, and streamline essential workflows. Team members with little or no development experience can create applications that automate tasks, mitigate risk, reduce waste, and minimize unexpected costs.

Along with tools to build new software solutions, Quickbase provides templates for commercial real estate software, portfolio management software, and contract management software. With Quickbase, teams can:

  • Create custom tools. Since no two real estate projects or real estate teams are alike, Quickbase enables you to build and customize tools that meet the exact needs of your properties and the specific workflows of your team.

  • Integrate data sources and technologies. Use a visual tool to quickly integrate siloed data throughout your organization and orchestrate workflows across the software you already use.

  • Access real-time data anywhere and anytime. Quickbase delivers personalized dashboards for every member of your team, providing the real-time information they need at the exact moment they need it. Gain visibility into the status of every project and every property in the portfolio.

  • Centralize critical documentation. Quickbase provides a central repository for all documentation, including leases, project data, property agreements, and contracts. Your team will never again have to scramble to find the data they need.

  • Automate workflows. Automated workflows, alerts, notifications, and reminders let your teams work smarter and faster while making sure nothing drops through the cracks.

More Quickbase solutions

In addition to commercial real estate software, Quickbase provides additional templates and solutions for a broad range of business needs.

  • Business process management software automates processes to minimize errors, increase efficiency, and drive greater competitiveness.

  • Real estate asset management software delivers complete visibility into projects and holdings, helping teams quickly uncover opportunities, track market shifts, and identify potential roadblocks.

  • Resource management applications help businesses balance workloads, reduce expenses, and meet objectives faster with a real-time view of employee and vendor capacity and resource availability across an entire project portfolio.

  • CRM software tracks leads, updates statuses, and manages nurture campaigns from one single, cloud-based, customizable CRM database.

  • Budget and financial management applications track every dollar, forecast costs, and provide users with accurate, real-time financial information.

  • Subcontractor management software automates workflows around executing contracts, tracking performance, monitoring certifications, and ensuring job quality.

  • Work order management software provides views of work orders in real time and shows the financial impact of changes as they occur.

  • Site selection & evaluation tools help teams choose the best location every time by closing visibility gaps.

  • Field services management software provides teams in the field with updated information at every stage of a project.

  • Supply chain management software automates processes and provides real-time dashboards to monitor supply chains, anticipate disruption, and increase efficiency.

  • Training management software helps monitor progress, track onboarding activities, and centralize employee data.

Why Quickbase?

Quickbase’s no-code tools enable continuous innovation by empowering virtually any user to create digital solutions for the problems they understand best.

With Quickbase, organizations can:

  • Access solutions for complex problems while avoiding the traditional cost and delays of developing and deploying software.

  • Create personalized dashboards that deliver real-time, actionable insights for any user who needs them.

  • Automate workflows to improve efficiency.

  • Integrate custom software with existing technology stacks and data sources.

  • Use sandbox capabilities to update applications, transform data, or change schema without downtime.

  • Enable business users to create applications with guidance from IT and guardrails that ensure compliance with design standards, regulatory requirements, and security best practices.


What is commercial real estate software?

Commercial real estate software provides comprehensive tools for automating and streamlining many of the administrative tasks of managing a real estate portfolio. Commercial real estate software may also include real estate asset management software that helps manage investment portfolios, and contract tracking software that simplifies management of contracts, leases, property agreements, and other documents.

What are the benefits of commercial real estate software?

Commercial real estate software improves task management, enhances financial oversight, tracks maintenance requests, streamlines communication, simplifies reporting, and identifies potential issues early on before they become significant problems.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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