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Improve Efficiency With Contract Tracking Software

Written By: Ray Waldron
November 8, 2023
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While tracking contracts is an essential task for real estate teams, it’s also a highly complex and risk-filled endeavor. Real estate contracts, leases, vendor contracts, and property management agreements are incredibly detailed documents. When mistakes are made, deadlines are missed, or contract obligations are unfulfilled, the financial implications can be serious. Yet, when real estate teams attempt to monitor documents with spreadsheets and manual processes, contract tracking can consume too much time and result in too many errors.

A robust contract management software solution can help by automating many aspects of contract tracking to accelerate timelines, ensure accuracy, and minimize the burden on real estate teams. The optimal system will automate many routine tasks to ensure timeliness and accuracy. Superior contract management solutions will also be fully customizable, enabling real estate teams to adapt the software to the way they do business.

As a Dynamic Workplace Management platform, Quickbase provides commercial real estate management software with automated contract tracking software. With Quickbase’s no-code application development, real estate teams can gain complete visibility into the status of every contract, edit, approval, and signature to execute and act on contracts with greater speed and accuracy.

What’s important in contract tracking software

A contract tracking software solution should provide real estate teams with several key capabilities.


Automated solutions increase efficiency and improve accuracy by eliminating many of the manual, time-consuming, error-prone tasks typically involved in tracking contracts. Automation enables real estate teams to focus on higher-value tasks while accelerating the process of creating, editing, and executing documents.


Fully customizable solutions ensure that contract tracking software can adapt to the needs of each team and team member, rather than requiring teams to adapt to the limitations of the software. By enabling the technology to evolve as teams grow and business requirements change, customizable solutions also future-proof the investment in contract tracking software.


To enhance efficiency, contract tracking software must integrate easily with other technologies such as email platforms, building management systems, and real estate asset management software. Seamless integration ensures data consistency across documents and eliminates the need to manually import and export data from various solutions.


A centralized document repository is an essential feature of contract tracking software. When all documents are consolidated and stored in one place, teams can find documents faster, manage versions easily, and streamline the process of collaborating on edits, redlining contracts, and collecting signatures.

Contract tracking software from Quickbase

Quickbase is a Dynamic Workplace Management platform that leverages no-code application development to enable employees with any level of technical background to create sophisticated solutions that continuously improve unique business processes. With Quickbase, both experienced developers and non-coders can create and customize software to fix visibility and workflow gaps without replacing existing systems.

In addition to tools for building new software, Quickbase offers a broad range of customizable templates and pre-configured solutions, including service contract management software. With Quickbase, your teams can easily manage contracts for every vendor in one place. Quickbase simplifies contract management by providing:

  • One place to store every document. Quickbase centralizes documents and information, enabling your teams to instantly find what they need without digging through file cabinets, laptops or shared drives.

  • Fastanswers to any question. Real-time contract data and powerful reporting tools provide deep visibility into contract status, profitability, potential risks, and compliance details.

  • Fewer tedious, redundant tasks. Quickbase automates workflows and reduces redundant, repetitive work so team members can focus on higher-value tasks. No-code tools empower virtually any member of the team to build templates and streamline processes to improve intake, contract creation, vendor reviews, negotiation, contract execution, amendment, and renewal.

  • Seamless integration with other technologies. Quickbase integrates easily with existing procurement systems, CRM technology, ERP platforms, and file storage, enabling team members to continue working with familiar file and folder structures while adding the power of Quickbase to the technology stack.

Additional capabilities of the Quickbase platform

In addition to contract tracking software, Quickbase provides templates and solutions that address a wide variety of business needs.

  • Budget and financial management tools help cut costs and maximize profits by providing access to accurate financial information in real time.

  • Process improvement software delivers transparency into processes, automates critical workflows, and quickly identifies problems with production, orders, and suppliers.

  • Project management software automates and delivers visibility into every workflow, process, and task from design to close out.

  • Site selection and evaluation tools identify opportunities for growth and model the impact of openings or acquisitions.

  • Supply chain solutions automate processes, centralize information, increase efficiency, and help teams anticipate issues before they arise to prevent disruption.

  • Property management applications make it easy to access and manage all property and real estate information in one place, providing teams with total visibility into the performance of every real estate asset.

  • Resource management and scheduling tools balance workloads, reduce costs, and deliver visibility into employee and vendor capacity across an entire project portfolio.

  • Subcontractor management solutions track contracts, vendor performance, certifications, and overall job quality.

  • CRM and sales tools centralize data and securely integrate with existing systems.

  • Training management software maintains and manages training data in one central, secure location.

  • Field services software delivers accurate, updated information to every team and provides responsive, customizable dashboards that deliver an accurate pulse check on projects in real time.

  • Work order management solutions deliver real-time visibility into work orders and show the financial impact of changes as they occur.

Why customers love Quickbase

Quickbase’s no-code tools allow users throughout the organization to build sophisticated solutions to business problems. Employees in every department can quickly create, deploy, automate, and continuously improve applications to drive competitiveness.

With Quickbase, organizations can:

  • Create solutions for complex problems while avoiding the traditional cost of developing software.

  • Automate workflows and connect custom software to existing technology stacks and data sources.

  • Continuously deploy new software and updates without downtime, thanks to sandbox capabilities.

  • Create personalized, role-based dashboards that deliver real-time, actionable insights.

  • Access software templates and pre-configured solutions that address business challenges in a wide array of industries, including construction, healthcare, manufacturing, law, government, real estate, solar installation, and others.


What is contract tracking software?

In real estate, contract tracking software helps real estate teams to manage the complex process of creating, negotiating, editing, signing, and executing contracts. Contract tracking software typically provides a centralized place for storing documents, tools for editing documents collaboratively, and features for signing documents online.

What are the benefits of contract tracking software?

By automating many routine tasks, contract tracking software increases efficiency while accelerating the process of creating, signing, and executing documents. Contract tracking software also improves accuracy and streamlines compliance for real estate contracts, leases, property agreements, and vendor contracts.

Ray Waldron
Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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