Impressions of the Application Library

Quickbase News
Oct 26, 2006
2 Min Read

With the latest release, we published the QuickBase Application Library.  Special thanks to all of the Intuit employees who shared their creations as well as the beta customers that submitted applications: Larry Koolkin, Kristina Davis, Spencer Lloyd, and Patti Dornacker.  If you have an app, you should share it as well!  We want the library to grow and become even more useful, and it’s relatively easy to submit (and will get easier).

There have been hundreds of installs since its release.  Now, we’re considering what to do next, so I’d love to get your feedback.

  • What are your general impressions of the library?  How should we improve it?  Is anything confusing?
  • What are your thoughts on submitting apps?  Do you plan to share?
  • Similarly, what are your thoughts on reviewing/rating apps?  Do you plan to rate apps that you’ve installed?
  • Do we need more complex, professional templates?  More examples of advanced features?  More reusable, single tables? Or just more apps period?

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