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Dec 6, 2007
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Have you heard? Spreadsheet-style editing arrives on QuickBase forms. (Read
What's New in the Fall release

Lots of you have requested this ability, but it may not be right for every application. Here's some guidance to help you figure out if this feature's
appropriate for a particular form:

DO use this feature if...


  • You want to add a master and related detail records from within a single form. For example, you want to be able to create a new project and its initial
    in a single stroke.

  • Users want to edit related detail records at the same time they're editing the master record. For instance, you can pull up a project and update all its associated tasks on a single screen.

DON'T use this feature if...


  • Form Rules are an important part of entering detail records. Editable embedded reports display in grid-edit
    . But form rules don't work in grid
    edit. If you have form rules set on your detail
    form that you need to enforce, don't make your embedded report editable.

  • You want the embedded report to total or average detail records. Grid edit reports don't show totals or subtotals.

  • Users need to see detail formula fields update dynamically
    as they work.
        On a form, formula and calculated fields update their values immediately
    on entries you make in their sub-fields (even before you save). In grid
    edit, calculated fields don't update until you save all changes.

  • Detail records include file attachments. If your detail table stores documents, enabling this feature won't do you much good, since you
    can't upload documents
    in grid edit mode.

If you do implement this feature, make sure you remove any pre-existing URL-formula "add detail record" fields that used to show on your form.  These links/buttons would be redundant and confusing if they appeared above the editable report, as users should enter new detail
records directly on the report. Learn

Also, remember that YOU control what fields show in your grid edit report.
To change what fields display and what's required, specify grid edit settings
  for the report that you've embedded. Tackle this in two basic steps: First, create a form for the detail table that shows and requires whatever fields you want. (If you already created this form, use the existing one.) Second, configure grid edit to use the fields on that form. Read more.

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