Human Resources Management with Intuit QuickBase

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Jan 14, 2014
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human resources management with intuit quickBase

human resources management with intuit quickBaseCompanies live or die on their ability to attract, hire, and manage an effective team of people. Effective human resources management requires a solution that can efficiently store critical employee data, plus enable workflows to keep the talent moving forward.

We spoke to Cullen Coates, founder of Crystal Bay Solutions, about the Human Resources Management Application his company created to help smaller companies more effectively manage employees. As one of more than 250 apps available in the Intuit QuickBase Exchange, the Human Resources Management Application is designed to bring order and predictability to HR processes. Coates described the app and why app makers need to focus on a desired outcome before starting to build.

Tell us about Crystal Bay Solutions

Founded 8 years ago, our mission is to offer clients effective and efficient workgroup productivity software solutions that do exactly what you require and no more than what is required, at an affordable price. We offer pre-built applications that work out of the box, affordable customization and custom developed solutions for unique requirements.

What is the Human Resources Management Application you posted to the Exchange?

This application manages basic HR lifecycle processes, including tracking employees from the recruitment process through hiring, performance evaluations and termination.

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What problem does the app solve?

This app solves the problems associated with maintaining some of the records needed to ensure compliance with federal and state employment laws, and enables staff to ensure that the employee management function runs smoothly.

Who is the app for?

The application is designed for small companies early in their lifecycle. Once they reach 25 or more employees they can extend it into our enterprise version designed for larger organizations.

What was the biggest challenge when developing the app?

The biggest challenge was understanding the complexities of employment practices and winnowing that information down to an efficient application. For example, companies do performance evaluation in many different ways so we wanted to come up with a simple, generic approach that we could include in the solution.

How long did it take to develop the app?

We developed it in 16 hours over an extended period that allowed for review and continued refinement.

What is the key to making this app successful?

The key is motivating the organization to introduce these functions early in the company’s life with a view to the long-term need to maintain employment information in an orderly manner.

What motivated you to share the app to the Exchange?

We were motivated by the knowledge that many smaller companies and nonprofits do not keep adequate and basic HR/employee information in a systemic way. In today’s competitive environment, companies that can replace spreadsheet-based processes with database applications are able to do faster data entry, give employees access to update their own records, automate circulation of documents for review and have comprehensive employee tracking available for compliance matters.

What have you learned building QuickBase apps that could help other builders?

Take the time to truly outline what it is you want your app to do prior to trying to build it. QuickBase can provide a systematic answer to any database need so you need to understand your desired outcome prior to sitting down to create the application.

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