How World Business Lenders Integrated QuickBase and Salesforce via Workato

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May 12, 2016
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How World Business Lenders Integrated QuickBase and Salesforce via Workato

How World Business Lenders Integrated QuickBase and Salesforce via WorkatoIntegrating different systems is a common challenge for the modern business, especially given the growing number of applications used and amount of data that needs to be exchanged. World Business Lenders, a New York City-based firm providing working capital to small businesses, solved that challenge with Workato, an enterprise-class integration service. QuickBase just announced a partnership with Workato to extend more integration and workflow automation options to its customers. Similar to QuickBase, Workato enables businesses to create powerful custom solutions without writing a line of code. With Workato, users can easily automate workflows within QuickBase and between QuickBase and 150 applications, in the cloud or on premises.

World Business Lenders has built a sophisticated loan processing system in QuickBase which contains about 1,900 data fields. When the company decided to adopt a dedicated CRM solution to manage loan applications, they realized the need for a CRM that can tightly integrate with QuickBase. The integration needed to enable 3 data flows: new opportunity data from Salesforce to QuickBase, bi-directional syncing of CRM and QuickBase applicant data, as well as account and fee data from QuickBase to Salesforce.

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Workato's support for complex business logic enabled the company to automate the passing of data between the two systems in near real time. With seamlessly connected front- and back-offices, World Business Lenders enjoys a 360-degree view of applicants across departments and is saving hundreds of hours in sales time every week.

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