How to Bust Barriers to Problem Solving in the Digital Age

Feb 28, 2017
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How to Bust Barriers To Problem Solving in the Digital Age



How to Bust Barriers To Problem Solving in the Digital Age


They say change is the only constant, and when it comes to the digital age nothing could be more accurate. Traditional industries, the giants they have created, and the legacy business models they have counted on to thrive are often being disrupted by rapidly emerging digital technologies and mobile devices that are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

So how do you lead your company through the chaos and channel the power of your workforce in a way that makes your company more agile and competitive? For many, the answer is a collaborative, modern application building strategy that puts the power to problem solve into everyone’s hands—at all levels of the organization.

This infographic outlines how to choose the right approach for your application building needs.


The Rush to Transform

Companies that want to remain market competitive and relevant to their customers in the coming months and years know that agility is a critical asset. As a result, IT departments everywhere are being inundated with new application requests from business and operations leaders who “need it now” to drive greater staff productivity, operational efficiency and business growth.

Problem solving, productivity-improving business applications are the building blocks of digital transformation. But if you’re like most companies, you’re facing escalating business application development demands with limited budgets and time- and resource-stretched IT services. Without the means to overcome the barriers that slow innovation, digital transformation initiatives and the competitive edge they promise quickly falter.

Imagine if you could tap a new development resource to drive faster digital transformation by empowering those closest to the work to innovate and solve their own challenges. Think about the benefits of enabling those at the front lines of your business to quickly build and update much needed applications for themselves and their teams without technical or coding expertise.


A New Way to Solve Business Problems

The traditional application building paradigm where IT controls the development process—and only professional coders highly skilled in complex programming languages can participate—is no longer the only option. Consider a more inclusive alternative: a business-friendly development platform that accelerates the pace of innovation by putting fast, flexible and mobile-enabled application building capabilities into the hands of a motivated business professional. No coding skills needed.

As champions of digital transformation, these new development platforms enable business professionals to build and deploy applications that fit their processes exactly. And the applications can be built months faster and more cost efficiently than through traditional development methods. The platforms also make it easy to make real-time updates, enabling the business to be fully responsive to changing business needs and customer expectations.


How Do You Want to Collaborate with IT?

Business-friendly development platforms enable organizations to build applications in the best and fastest way possible. They are also the only ones that let participants choose exactly how business and IT collaborate in that process. You can pick from three collaboration approaches:

  • Business-led—Emphasizes faster time-to-solution and lower development cost. The most popular model, it enables business professionals to build, deploy and maintain applications on their own with assistance as needed from Business Unit or Central IT.
  • Balanced—In this scenario, each builder contributes their expertise—with IT typically prototyping the application and business professionals adding business logic, workflows, reports and dashboards to meet exact requirements.
  • IT-led—Supports IT control coupled with real-time updates. Central IT builds applications which business professionals take over to maintain.


A Recipe for Success

Business leaders now have the opportunity to change the problem-solving paradigm by empowering those closest to the work and the challenges to resolve them. This enables faster time to solution, lower application cost, customizable solutions that fit business processes 100% and real-time application changes.

Fully leveraging the deep business and process knowledge of business professionals and the security and compliance expertise from IT is essential for accelerating digital transformation and growing the business. And by effecting positive change in the way the business operates, collaborates, and serves, this new paradigm becomes one of the most powerful strategies you can employ. Are you ready to bust some barriers?


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