How to Add Time Zones to Your Sales and CRM Application

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Dec 13, 2009
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Have you ever called a customer at 9:00 AM on the East coast only to find that your customer is on the West coast and its 6:00 AM and you just woke them? This happens all the time.

Many businesses use QuickBase for sales and CRM applications wouldn't it be great to add the time zone to your QuickBase application? If the customer is in CA it pops up Pacific. It it is NE you get Central. That way you can group your calls based upon time zones and never wake a customer again.

There are two fields used for this process. One is a State/Province field and the second is the Time Zone formula text field that looks at the State/Province field and displays the time zone based upon which state or province is selected.

Linked below are two files. The first is a listing of all the states and provinces in the US and Canada. The second contains a formula that matches the states and provinces with their respective time zones. Copy and paste the contents of the stateprovince.txt file into your State/Province field and the contents of the timezone.txt formula into your Time Zone field.


Now select any state and province and you will see its respective time zone.

This is also handy for reports. Should you want to list all your customers by time zone just filter your report by your new Time Zone field.

For more information on how you can use the formula Case statement check out Using the formula Case statement.

This post was the inspiration of Joe Acunzo of SoftTech. Joe is a Certified QuickBase Business Consultant and creator of

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